As I briefly noted in my first blog post here, I'm pretty busy. Between running my own business, running my own blog, having two little kids, and running my home, as well, finding time to do... anything is a challenge.

But it all must be done, so you've got to find the most efficient manner to do things.

So here's how I keep up with myself.

Work Life -- After I get the kids to school, I take appointments. I run a contracting business, so there are good days and bad days, as is such with most businesses. If I have a project to work on, I'll plan and prep for that day's assignments and make sure to let the crew know what is going on. I've worked with the same crew for almost 10 years, so we understand each other and they know what is expected.

If I don't have to be at the project that day (meaning the crew can take care of the work), I'll work on administrative stuff with my assistant. Usually this entails running the books (I always wanted to be a bean counter), reading contracts, or renewing licenses. I've heard many, many horror stories from people that do their own manual accounting, so when I started the business, I made sure to get some simple accounting software that could basically do most of the work for me.

If there isn't a whole lot of work that needs to be done in that department, I'll run my errands -- picking up the dry cleaning, going to the grocery store, getting the car fixed, scheduling doctor appointments for the little one, etc. If I have a work site that I need to be at that day, I'll be sure to run those errands, if there are any, before I pick the kids up from their after school program.

If I do have to be a project site that day, I make sure to call my neighbor and ask her to pick up the kids from their after school program. If this is the case, I have to put off the errands, unless there is something we need from the store.

Home Life -- For dinner, I'll usually cook something fast and easy while the kids watch TV or do their homework. After dinner, I immediately do the dishes and prepare the kids' lunches for the next day. If there's enough time, I'll even prep a lunch for myself for the next day. I try to keep the kitchen and the house as clean as possible that way I won't have to do any cleaning during the week. After I'm done in the kitchen, I get the kids ready for bed (bath, brushing teeth, reading them a book, etc.) After they are asleep, I sit down to write.

Blogging Life -- There are about 10 people that work for the blog at any given time. This is nice because it gives me an opportunity to work exclusively on guest posting and driving traffic back to the blog. After the kids are in bed and there is nothing else to take care of around the house, I'll sit down to pitch and write articles for other sites. Because I am a home improvement professional, most of my articles deal with home improvement or repair ideas and tutorials.

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