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Believe it or not, your kids crave exercise. Even the most sluggish couch potatoes will enjoy getting a workout in if you only find something they are interested in. Even if your kids resist all your pleas for them to get up and move around, you can always find some tricks to get your children exercising before they even realize it. You can prevent your child from becoming another obesity statistic when you follow these five tricks I have found to get my kids moving around.

1. Make Video Games Your Ally

Video games have long been a prime suspect when people point to culprits for the childhood obesity crisis that is devastating kids in the US today. However, I have found video games to be one of the most powerful tools to get my kids to exercise. The kids love to play games like Dance Dance Revolution and The Biggest Loser that are a ton of fun and give them a great workout to boot.

2. Give Them Active Chores

If you want your kids to grow up well-adjusted with a sense of responsibility, you need to give them weekly chores. As long as they are going to be grousing about their chores anyway, you might as well give your kids as many active chores as you can. Things like pulling weeds, vacuuming and mowing give my children a great workout while they learn a sense of duty. Make sure you mix the chores up so the kids don’t get burnt out on an excessively tough chore like weeding.

3. Family Time Should Be Active Time

Scheduling a weekly activity together is a great method of family bonding. Family outings are best when they are as active as possible. The kids love going bowling or playing laser tag and playing soccer during family time. Your kids are sure to agree on some form of physical activity that they will enjoy doing together. One of the best things you can do with kids is going to a trampoline park. You will be blown away by how much fun your family will have bouncing around a trampoline park until you drop.

4. Have a Step Competition

If your kids are competitive with each other, one of the best things you can do is to start a step competition. Buy some pedometers and reward a prize each week to the child who achieves the most steps. You may need to implement a handicap if your kids are far apart in age or athletic ability. Make the prize cash or simply the power to choose the next family activity. You will be amazed at how much more walking your kids do when they know that a prize and bragging rights are on the line in your family’s step competition. If you are going to be part of the step competition, you might want to think about wearing yoga shorts more often to stay comfortable when you are moving around.

5. Get a Dog

If you are one of those dads who constantly puts your kids off when they ask if they can have a puppy, you should just go ahead and give in. Kids definitely get a ton of exercise if you get a dog. Dogs need to be walked every day. Active dogs need to be walked several times a day. Getting a dog is a good way to make your kids happy, ensure they get plenty of exercise and teach them responsibility all at the same time.

My kids used to be regular lumps on our family sofa, but I have steadily watched their inactivity decline since I started concentrating on finding ways to ensure they are get plenty of exercise. There is no reason to let your kid become the latest victim of the childhood obesity crisis. You don’t even have to stress about pleading with them to be active. When you use these five sneaky methods to get your children moving, you will watch them get in wonderful shape. Once they get a taste for the fit life, your kids will want to search out ways on their own to stay active.

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