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La-Z-Boy Shopping Trip- ooo la la! You HAVE to check out this store...

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You all may remember the La-Z-Boy Grand Opening Cocktail Party that I was invited to, yes?  I wrote about it here and I’m still bummed that I couldn’t attend the event.  Our family visited La-Z-Boy Monroeville this weekend to shop for an item that will be under review.  We had such a great experience!  First of all, the new store is just beautiful and the best part of the night was the impeccable service we received; particularly from George (ask for him & tell him our PiggyToes sent you)!  One thing’s for sure; I will drive miles and miles to know that I’m getting top notch service and that’s exactly what we got while at this store!

Time to SHOP!

I immediately coveted the ‘Arden’ Chair and found myself coming back to it… maybe 16 times.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  Go ahead, its ok to sit and stare for a moment…


We were there after dinner, it was cold & rainy outside, and after I stared at this chair for some time, I just had to sit in it.  I closed my eyes and imagined myself relaxing with our new little peanut in it.  The seat cushion is really comfortable and I love how the top sides stick out for me to lean my shoulder and head on.  That was when I decided, BOY or GIRL; I want it for the nursery.  Its perfect for a fun little girls room and if its our 3rd musketeer, here’s what I say to that:  If girls can have blue & green beds and chairs in their bedrooms, boys can have floral chairs.  Right?  Because I’m sure Brian will not go for that, I then thought about putting it in the corner of my laundry room (no joke) – When is the last time you saw a chair like this in a laundry room?  If you have the space, I say go for it!

Then I found the ‘Allegra’ Chair.  I love the lines of this chair, the legs, the simplicity and I love the fabric… It would fit perfectly in our home office.

Brian had his eyes on the sectionals the entire time (he loved this one) and I agreed with him, it was nice and big and super comfortable!

I guess when I think about the word La-Z-Boy though, I think of the best CHAIRS out there, so that’s where my head was during our shopping trip.  Even the boys had their minds on chairs!  More so the recliners, but not just any recliner: the Power Recliner XR – They would’ve swiped their CC’s right then and there if they could!  You should get one for your hubby; any man would love this recliner!

George gave them each a lollipop and the remote control to the XR Recliner… they were good for the night!


Brian had a good idea to replace our coffee table in the family room; we could use a new one and would love one with a little storage.  La-Z-Boy has so many to choose from – there’s many different styles, shapes and shades!  This was our favorite: I loved the drawers and loved that a portion of the top opens for additional storage!

When you visit La-Z-Boy in Monroeville, one thing you’ll notice are how many home accessories they have.  This a weak spot of mine and Brian would just tilt his head at me every time I picked something up.  They have everything imaginable!  Vases, lamps, throw pillows, candle sticks, floral arrangements, framed art, statues of all sorts… it was inspiring!

Favorite Home Accessories:


Well, long story short- George introduced us to ‘LEA’, the Youth Specialist Catalog just as we were leaving, so when we found out they have Children’s Furniture too, we nixed our chair, couch and coffee table thoughts and plan to buy new Children’s Furniture.  You have to see their Children’s Furniture!

We’ll make the final decision when we find out the gender of peanut but that’s the route we’re going and if you need new furniture for your little guy or girl too – GO TO LA-Z-BOY and tell George to show you the Lea Catalog.  Its out of this world and I can’t wait to pick out a new bed/room for one of the kids.  Its great, quality furniture for reasonable prices!  Stay Tuned for my Product Review and

SHOP La-Z-Boy ASAP!  They have Lollipops and Remote Control Recliners for your kids… I guarantee you won’t need anything else while you shop this incredible store!

  4054 William Penn Highway, Monroeville, PA 15146


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