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Eeeeek! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and you just realized that you still have a few people you need to buy for!! No need to panic. Here are some great ideas that keep on giving up to a full year (although monthly, three, six and nine month subscriptions are also available) – showing them that you did not forget them after all. Whether you put a card under the tree of send them an e-card from afar, these gifts will thrill anyone on your list. And, p.s. you may just want to treat yourself! We’re totally ok with that.

  Not Another Bill – For people who dread going to the mailbox. This one will have them checking the mail to see what (delightful) surprise they will receive this month. Just let NotAnotherBill know for whom the subscription is for and where they would most likely be found (i.e. shopping, in a gallery…) from a list of choices and they will receive a unique gift (from Europe) with an explanation of why and how it was chosen for them. Start the surprise deliveries here. $36.00 per month.
  Birchbox – We have written about Birchbox before. For $10.00 per month, the recipient will receive a hand-packed box with four or five luxury beauty samples. Great for the college student or anyone who loves beauty products. Check them out here.
Cravebox – Similar to Birchbox, but instead of just including beauty products, it also features food, home goods and other fun stuff. Go to Cravebox to sign up. $10.00 per month.
  Lollihop – Share healthy snacks all year round. Is someone on your list wanting to start the new year off to a healthier start? This monthly subscription will introduce them eight to ten wholesome alternatives, plus recipe cards and tips for healthy living. Get their New Year’s resolution off to a good start with Lollihop. $19.00 per month.
  Citrus Lane – Know someone who is going to have a baby or has just become a new parents? This monthly care package is based on the child’s age (from newborn to 3 years old) and will be filled with four or five much needed products for the little ones (and their parents). Great for first-time parents. Check them out at Citrus Lane. $25.00 per month.
  Umba Box – Brand new, this unique monthly subscription will feature the best handmade products accompanied by information on the artist. From jewelry to accessories and bath products to home goods, each month will be a surprise for the recipient. Perfect for a mom and anyone else who likes indie products. Go to Umba Box to sign up. $26.00 per month.
Conscious Box – This eco-friendly monthly delivery is full of pure and sustainable products from businesses that care about the planet. Perfect for the environmentally conscious student or anyone who wants to make a difference through conscious consumption. Sign up here at Conscious Box. $12.00 per month.

Still need more? Introduce your gift recipient to one of these great online services which are all can’t-live-without’s in our family now:  Netflix, Fandango, Restaurant.com, Spafinder.

Also, last year’s Impossible-To-Buy-For Gift Guide  will  inspire you with altruistic last minute gift ideas.

Now that you are done – sit back, drink some (spiked) eggnog and get into the holiday spirit. Phew!

You are welcome! ;-)

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