When it comes to yards in PA, everyone wants lawn care Lancaster PA.  So let us talk about lawn care, especially for those who live in Lancaster 17601 and surrounding areas.  Knowing when to fertilize, apply weed control, and seed is critical to your lawn.  Frankly, it can become a full time job if you are not careful!  It's same with bug control, unless you know what you are doing, it can get exhausting, and painfully expensive.  Sometimes, you are better off just hiring a local lawn care company in Lancaster.  With that in mind, I'd like to highlight Dominion lawn care Lancaster PA. Better known for their pest control services, this lawn care company is based in 17601.  Dominion's number is 717-393-7879.

Dominion entered the lawn care service arena after bringing on Neil Brenneman, a long-time lawn care specialist in the Lancaster PA area.  With just about two decades of experience, Neil began to offer lawn care services to Dominion's clients after coming aboard in 2011.  It didn't take long after current customers figured out that Neil was expect, and soon, free advise was being handed out as Neil used his pest control knowledge on the job.  It became evident that he knew more than pest control, and consultation after consultation was given for free to Lancaster customers.  Then, when huge commercial accounts asked Dominion to loan Neil for advise, the next question became obvious: when will you let Neil service for lawn care in Lancaster?  

Dominion's owner Gregory Pettis responded to the inquiries favorably.  "After more and more of our customers asked when we were going to start letting Neil use his lawn care experience, we said, 'If that is what our customers want, that's what they get'", Pettis declares.  Within a month, a local college found out in the Lancaster area and signed up with almost 30 acres of lawn care needs.   "I have to admit," Pettis continues, "I had no idea how big the need was in Lancaster for a local, reputable lawn care company."

Dominion Pest Control LLC was founded in 2006 after veteran pest control technician Gregory Pettis went out on his own after servicing Lancaster PA for more than a decade.  Soon, after much media attention (and I mean much!!!--see their web site!) Dominion became known in Lancaster for their aggressive pest control style, not retreating from tough pests such as stink bugs.  In fact, WGAL called Dominion the stink bug experts:  In 2011, they had to add 3 more technicians due to all the referrals they got from their current clientele!  All of their technicians have more than 10 years in experience, and have an average of 15 years!

Getting back to the lawn care Lancaster PA, Dominion hired Neil because of his cross-over experience in pest control, although he was a lawn care specialist, having taught local lawn care companies how to treat with the available products on the market.  As I mentioned before, so many customers found out about that lawn care experience that owner Gregory Pettis realized he was holding the flood gates back.  "I just gave in, people know we are going to make their lawns look awesome in Lancaster because they know that we did for them in pest control.  I mean, when all the national pest control companies said that there was nothing they could do about stink bugs, we took on literally hundreds of accounts as word spread that we had a technique to get rid of them," Pettis proudly states.   If you would like a free quote for your residential or commercial lawn care needs, you may reach Dominion here: 717-393-7879.

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