Bust out your iPads, iPhones and laptops, there are two noteworthy Butterfly blogs to read this week, submitted by some fabulously forthcoming moms:

  1. Jennifer Kelman wrote “So Far Away” as an ode to a man who gave her the finger! Jennifer’s response and outlook on life are certainly worthy of a click through!
  2. Kristy Lorenzen uploaded “Scenes From an Airport: Part 2” (Read this to feel like a better mother). You might want to rethink the rebellious stroller on the escalator feat upon reading!

Jennifer Kelman & Kristy Lorenzen

Thanks to Jennifer and Kristy for sharing your experiences with the Butterfly community. The blogsare the perfect place for you all to read about one another’s experiences in work/life. While we are on topic, we’d like to restate the following Butterfly guidelines for any newbies out there:

  1. No sales tactics. By this we mean that you may not directly sell or promote a product or a service within the Butterfly blogs/forums/groups/videos section. All direct sales and marketing must be listed in the Butterfly Marketplace Directory for a nominal one-time fee of $99. This will link directly to your profile page or exterior site of choice. to list your business and to share your resources with the community or to learn about other low-cost advertising options available. You may continue to use the Events section at NO COST.
  2. Yes to any experiential blogging, especially if it involves any tips or golden nuggets of wisdom pertaining to work/life. Feel free to educate one another on topics such as career, childcare,parenting, finance, beauty/fashion, nutrition, health, fitness, environmental, volunteerism,eldercare or travel and education. And, if you are an expert in your field then by all means, feel free to include your title and site/link in your signature.

Sound like a plan? Good. Also to mention, some of you may have noticed an icon right below your profile photo. Mouse-over the icon for the basics of the Butterfly Reward/Ranking system and click your point total to see where your points are coming from. Points are gained for participating on Your points will ONLY update when you view your profile page. You can earn the most points by posting and inviting -- real content earns more points! For instance, blogs, forums and group participation are worth the most, along with invites. So start using the INVITE tab today to get more moms to join What do you get for earning points you ask? PRIZES!! Like the awesome hit music CD’s we will be shipping out to Butterfly moms Jennifer and Kristy! There are hundreds of prizes to be had… who knew sharing information could be so much fun?!?


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