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Mommy & Me: Disney's Frozen on Ice

Recently I had the privilege of taking Illy out on a date. We'd been talking about it for a while and were long past due for an outing, but there always seemed to be something else going. "Dates" don't always have to be a big outing, in fact, some of our dates have been a sweet treat and girlie movie. No BOYS allowed! ;) This time, however, I wanted to do something special and decided to take her to see Disney's Frozen On Ice!

Mommy & Me: Disney's Frozen on Ice

Illy had no idea where we were going and I admit to not telling her that we were even going on a date until the day before. (Avoid harassment as much as possible!) Nevertheless, she still requested that we dress up to look and smell fabulous. I finally revealed our destination on the way to the car and she was extremely excited. She kept asking, "we're going to see them for real?!"

Mommy & Me: Disney's Frozen on Ice

Once we arrived, we gathered our sweet treats and memory token and found our seats just in time. I was concerned that the seats weren't going to be very good because I'd bought them at the last minute and had slim pickings from what was left, but we had a perfect view of everything.

Mommy & Me: Disney's Frozen on Ice

The show was wonderful. The pre-show featured various disney characters including Mickey and the gang and all the princesses. The Frozen production was amazing! It was really like a sing-along because you had children of all ages and their moms and dads singing all the songs. I admit... Illy and I joined in. lol! There was just no way we were going to get left out when "Let It Go" started!!

Mommy & Me: Disney's Frozen on Ice

When it ended, we made our way through the crowds and back to our car- fully sugared, fully tired, but fully pleased with our wonderful date out.

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