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Style posts are fun. But let's be real. Although I'm an avid internet stylist, I'm not quite as hot and on trend in real life. I hang out with a sticky toddler so nothing I wear is that precious. I pretty much mix/match & rotate the same few things. I could really use a wardrobe update, but at least I try to wear it well. I thought it might be fun to show you another outfit that recycles some of the same wardrobe staples as last style post.

Let's begin with:

1. My new hair! (and yes, I'm proud that it looks a little crazy here. that was the goal). Check check!

2. I love dresses/tunics like this. I layer them over pants in the Winter, Fall and Spring and just throw on sandals in the summer. I got this one at Target last summer and have gotten lots of mileage out of it.

3. Like my purse? Another great thrifting find for under $5. It's a great size (room to fit everything I need, plus a bit more. but not enough room to cram in random junk for no reason). And I like that I can throw it cross-body so I don't leave it somewhere. ('Cause I do stuff like that).

4. Yep, those are the same cheap-o olive pants from last post. I told you I wear them all the time! Olive "jeans" are just as versatile as blue jeans in my book. I really do need to find a quality pair though. These were cheap-o because they're cheap-o.

5. I got these lace-up wedge boots from Piperlime. I love having a little bit of added height but I just don't have the lifestyle to wear my heel collection everyday. I took awhile to be convinced about wedges. Honestly, a lot of them still look wonky to me, but I find neutral wedges to be so flattering. Plus I love that these are lace ups. Plus I love that they don't hurt my feet. Plus I love that I don't fall down in them. That's a lot of plusses.


Recognize that sweater? Yup, same one I wore in the last post. It's been SUCH a slow turning of seasons this year. Although I was channeling SPRING with the bright salmony pink, it's still pretty drab in Chicago. Hence the sweater grab!


My wardrobe usually sticks to a pretty neutral palette. I love blacks, whites and neutrals along with a good print mixed in. This dress was a bit BRIGHT for me, but it's nice to be surprising every once in awhile. ;) I like the idea of still working with my neutral basics and playing with a bright "pop of color." You don't usually think of pairing bright pink with brown and olive green, but it works! (if I do say so myself). The color combo also feels very Spring, doncha think?


Can't end without a close-up thrifting bag-BRAG. Accessories make an outfit and you just can't beat a sturdy purse for under $5. I hope I'm storing some shopping karma somewhere. One day I'll cash in for some gorgeous, ridiculously luxurious designer bag but for now I'm pretty happy with my thrifty finds. Actually, who am I kidding...any purse credit I've ever earned is immediately cashed in for travel points. Every time.

I just HAD to update. This day has really turned. If you're in Chicago, LOOK UP! Wow, what a beautiful sky! I can't stop smiling. There's nothing drab about that. Hello Spring!

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