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We started off the month with a jam packed weekend!  I knew it was December because of the amount of activities we packed into 2 days.  I’m still alive (and still prego) and all is well with our PiggyToes!  This was our 1st weekend in December…

Friday morning was spent in Giant Eagle (our local grocery store).  It was the first time Roman was able to go into the ‘Eagle’s Nest’ (A big play-room with free childcare inside of the store)!  Rocco would never go because Roman couldn’t go with him (need to be 3), so this was a big deal!  I dropped the boys off, Roman kissed me a dozen times (Rocco already had his hands on a video game) and then off I went; produce section first.  I stood next to the cilantro dazed and confused.  Like, ‘What do I do here?’  I seriously didn’t know what to do with myself!  I felt so out of place without 2 monkeys hanging on my cart and I tell you, every time I got to the bakery, I’d have to turn around and go back because I forgot something in produce.

I was definitely out of my element as its not often that I grocery shop alone.  For a moment by the deli, I thought, “I’ll zip through this store in no time and then sit and have a cup of tea by myself for 10 minutes.” HA!  Not only did that not happen but I honestly didn’t want it to!  I missed my kiddos; picked them up and the madness immediately began.  That’s right; I was back in my element.  “NO Rocco, we are not buying that umbrella!” … “Roman, get DOWN from the side of the cart; you will fall and crack your head!”  We got to the car and I told the boys how proud I was that they lasted the whole time without my name being called over the loud speaker.  I really thought for sure, I’d hear, “Angelique!  Please make your way to the Eagle’s Nest immediately.” some time during my shopping.  But no!  I returned to find Rocco still by the video games and Roman was working at the little ‘grocery store’.  Things like this that just make a mama so happy! (PS. I’ll be back there this week.  I’m sure I forgot something.)



The beginning of December is also the time that we attempt to cut down our own Christmas tree at the farm!  We went to Trax Farm; one of the best farms around and of course it was another adventure with our 2 little guys ; )  They were running in and out of isles and isles of Christmas trees laughing and playing and touching and pulling!

I had a moment when I thought they’d turn the trees into a game of dominoes and one by one the trees would start to fall, but thankfully, it didn’t happen.  It was then that hubby made the decision that he wanted an artificial tree. *GASP!*  We’ve had a real tree since we moved into our current home, 6 years ago!  So we compromised; 2 small, real trees (1 for each of the boys) and 1 artificial tree (for our family).

The boys had a blast decorating our Christmas tree.  At the start of our decorating, I think 90% of the ornaments ended up in one spot of the tree and all on the bottom row and it was safe to say our tree looked hideous.  But after I explained how to spread them out, stand on stools and move around the tree, they were great little decorators!  And then I got my hands on it during nap time and was able to spread out the ornaments even more.

December 1st marked the start of ice-skating lessons for Rocco!  He skated around the rink like a wee-little champ!  The teacher told me to go sit in the stands (instead of standing along the glass) because every time Rocco turned around to make sure I was still in the building, I gave him a thumbs up.  I gave her one of my ‘You’re annoying me’ prego looks and took my place sitting in the bleachers.  Not to worry, when she wasn’t looking, I made sure he got a big thumbs up from his proud mama!  Let’s be real.  I’m his mom.  He’s 4.  He’s never taken a private lesson in a ‘sport’ and honestly, it’s highly likely that we’re not raising a hockey pro.  Or a professional figure skater.  Just. Saying.

And then… Advent started!  I finished the boys’ Advent Trees (<— see post!) and they also had Saris’ Chocolate Advent Calendars from grandma too.  After the 2nd day of Advent when they had to see who had ’2′ on their advent tree and it wasn’t Rocco, we had to have some serious talks about Advent.  And what Christmas is all about.  And how we each got a turn and got a gift.  Some days they both might have the number on their tree and other days just one person might have the number.  We had to do a lot (a lot) of explaining of how we take turns and share and be grateful and be thankful and give out of love and and and and and and… I think we got it.

From Christmas decorating to fun on the ice, birthday parties and baby dedications…  Advent trees and calendars and more holiday fun; this was a good weekend!  A busy one but definitely one to remember!  Hope the start of your December was special in many ways too!


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