The past Thursday marked the culmination of a very exciting 10 days at The "Nick Lachey Dream Dinner Date Charity Auction" pulled in $10,600! Thank you to those who bid in an effort to raise money for VH1 Save The Music Foundation and its mission to keep music education in America's public schools. Please know that we are mindful to those who did not have the financial means to turn this opportunity into a reality. Our mission was two-fold: to raise money and to generate awareness. With that, we thank ALL of you for your support! Many not-for-profit foundations have suffered due to the economy, just as individuals have, so we were thrilled to do our part to make a difference.

On a related note, the unemployment rate climbed to 9.8 percent, the highest since 1983 as employers shed 283,000 more jobs in September, the NEW YORK POST reported. It is rumored that the local governments will continue to cut teaching jobs, and that half of the US retailers will be adding fewer seasonal jobs this holiday. In response to the staggering unemployment rate, "The House on Friday approved legislation that would provide 13 additional weeks of unemployment benefits to states with unemployment rates of 8.5 percent or higher. Democratic leaders in the Senate are pushing a measure that would also provide aid to states that do not meet the threshold. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, is promoting legislation that would provide an additional four weeks of unemployment coverage to all states, while states over the 8.5 percent threshold would get 12 weeks. Reid's aides said they were hopeful that the Senate would act on a bill this week." * Our government reported help is on the way in more ways than one... The new health-care reform bill was drafted this past Friday which could be critical in rebuilding the economy. As it stands, there are 8 million+ children without health care insurance whose families will now have a choice of new affordable options as Obama aims to reduce inefficiency and waste in the health care system.

We propose a stimulus package of our own: Calling all entrepreneurs and HR recruiters! Help our community of moms find jobs and together we can send that 9.8 percent rate DOWN. We urge you to post any/all job opportunities on MyWorkButterfly's Job Board so that more options are provided within our community and for our community. There are currently10,000+ jobs to be had which may be searched by field of interest or by market. Continue searching for inspiration in the WAHM group or within the ENTREPRENEUR group. Let the mothers who may have come before you be your guide.

Some other new groups to join: Dina Manzo, of Real Housewives of NJ, started a PROJECT LADYBUG group, for those who would like to discuss how to make a difference in the lives of children living with cancer, MONEY SAVING MOMMA'S was created for those frugal Butterflies, or DIRECT SALES MOMS for all of the independent reps out there. New groups are adding daily as well as inspirational and resourceful blogs. We welcome new blogger and proponent of MyWorkButterfly, Whitney Perry. Whitney is both a high fashion model and an actress and while she is not a mom yet, she blogs about her own working mother in "The Definition of Mother." She also started a group for future moms, called BUTTERFLIES IN TRAINING. And, Whitney just happens to be BFF with Nicole Richie (who, by the way, posted on facebook about the MyWorkButterfly/Nick Lachey Auction last week!) If Whitney and Nicole Richie can spread the MyWorkButterfly mission, so too can you. Grab a badge and share on Facebook or MySpace!

For those of you looking for a job, please don't give up. For those of you who have a job, reach out to share advice, support and potential solutions. That's why we are all here after all.


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