Hope everyone had a good weekend. I did! I spent Friday night having a movie night with my boys. We watched Rocky, it was a lot slower then I remember it being, I thought there was more boxing throughout. The boys loved the final match though! Saturday we hung around and then had a grown up dinner out with friends. Sunday did some deep cleaning of bedrooms and a little shopping. No question of the day today because well, I answer a ton of questions below.

liebstergreenI was nominated for the Liebster Award by Larissa who blogs at Piloting Paper Airplanes. The Liebster is a pass–along recognition for smaller blogs (under 200 followers) who deserve notice; the more we share, the more we grow, right?

The rules are simple. I’ve answered 11 questions from my nominator, posted 11 random facts about me, and given 11 new questions for my nominees. These are bloggers I read regularly so I’m happy to give a much–deserved shout out!
11 questions for my nominees:

If you could be best friends with anyone, current or historical, who would it be? I had trouble with this one, I think though if I could be best friends with anyone it would be Audrey Hepburn. She was just beautiful and classy. I think it would have been interesting to know her.
Coffee snob or tea–litist? Coffee snob for sure. I loved tea when I was pregnant with my first son but one day like a switch I disliked it immensely. But I love a hot cup of coffee with flavored creamer. A Bigby Carmel Marvel is my all time favorite!!
Favorite workout? A nice long run, 8 miles or longer. I have fallen in love with long runs after training for a half marathon. It is great me time and I get to listen to music I like. I feel like my long runs center me and put all my stresses in perspective.
Favorite recipe? This is a tough one, to be honest I don't have one favorite. I love cooking and trying out new recipes so my favorite is always changing.
Coolest place you’ve every been. (Can be as extravagant as a tour of Europe or simple as the best hole–in–the–wall café ever). The coolest place I have been so far in my life, although I know it will change, is the Cayman Islands and swimming with sting rays. That was by far the coolest place I have been so far.
Why did you start blogging? I started blogging to challenge myself and break outside my box. I enjoy reading blogs so I thought I would try it out.
One thing that automatically makes you smile. My husband and my boys, they are my world and life would be dull without them.
Tell us one of your dreams or goals, why, and what you’re doing to pursue it. I think a goal of mine right now is to complete my 2 half marathons this year in under 2 hours, sorry no big grand dreams. I am training and working on my pace.
Which do you dislike most: emailing, texting or talking on the phone. To be honest I don't dislike any of them. I do not have as much time as I used to to talk on the phone though.
Would you describe yourself as a thinking, communicator or doer and why? This one is tough, I think if I have to pick one I will say I am a doer. I love helping people, volunteering and getting involved.
Finish the sentence: If I could do anything with my life from this point forward, I would… If I didn't have any responsibilities, I would go back to school and get a degree in Exercise Science and become a personal trainer and health advisor. However, in reality, all I want to do is spend time with my boys and watch them grow.

11 Random facts about me:

I love chocolate!
I hate wearing socks, they make my feet hot (except my PRO compression socks because they make my legs feel great on a run)
I love jewelry and scarves.
I love skirts (If I lived in warm climates I would)
I used to hate skirts, dresses and flowers, it drove my mom crazy. I was the youngest with 2 older brothers and she was so excited to dress me in girly things and I would throw a fit every time she tried. I have 2 older brothers so there was no time to wear girly stuff, I had to keep up with them.
I love to dance. I danced in high school 5 days a week and I miss it.
I rotate through my clothes so that I make sure everything gets a fair turn to be worn, as if my clothes have feelings.
I hate cleaning bathrooms.
I used to hate to wear sandals because the nails on my big toes are different sizes.
I do not enjoy playing video games or game apps on my phone.
I love bananas.

11 Questions for my nominees

Chocolate or Vanilla?
What is your favorite blog to read?
What is your favorite season, winter, spring, summer, or fall and why?
What is your favorite blog post that you wrote?
What is your favorite color and why?
How did you pick your blog name?
What is your favorite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
How long have you been blogging?
Which do you like better Twitter or Facebook, why?
Why did you start blogging?
Favorite meal

Here are my nominees...(To be completely honest, I am not sure how many followers these blogs have. I enjoy reading them and think they will have good answers)

Fit N Cookies
From Florida to North Dakota
Bess Be Fit
Runs on Glitter
The Workout Mama
Let's Talk and Walk
Live Love Run
Peace, Love and Oats
Lifes a Bowl
A little Bit Sassy

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