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Life Changing: My first workout with EA Sports Active

I bought my EA Sports Active 2 today from Wal-Mart. I decided I wanted to take a look at it today. I procrastinated, and ate junk food for lunch - so I felt like I needed to LOL. So after putting kiddo to bed, I decided to turn it on. Was kinda feeling lazy and was feeling like I probably shouldn't do it at 11pm (I decided to wait about 2 hours after kiddo was in bed lol). But, I decided to anyways. 

SO. I set up myself. I decided to use the Male trainer. He seems fun - and is the kind of person I would use for a trainer if I had the money for a real one. - Note, he is very motivating during the workout. :)

I had to put in my info. Ugh. I remember my weight from my last doc appointment. I hate those numbers. I really do. I cannot wait till they are down and I am comfortable sharing them. That would be great. I want to loose at least 100 pounds. Hopefully I can do it by years end. That would be amazing (sooner the better! I want to buy smaller clothes! They don't cost as much LOL). 

It wanted me to choose between a 3 week and a 9 week. The 3 week said it was going to pump you up, and it was high energy. Ummm, yea no. I want to ease into it. Seeing as how I have asthma, and I do not want to over do it (plus I still have my cough from my bout with Pneumonia), I wanted to take it a bit easier. Save the high energy for when I loose 50 lbs.

SO, of course, it wanted me to start today. I figured, might as well. Why not. Lets do it. 

So, started the first workout tonight. Let me tell you, I was sweating! My heart was racing, it was hard to breathe sometimes, but I just slowed myself down, or paused the game. LOL. Pausing is probably cheating, but I would rather pause and cheat than be in the hospital with an asthma attack lol. 

There was some hard points - like doing the side planks, and the push up pose - I have a fractured elbow, I can only do so much. Its not fully healed, probably never will be as it happened Nov 30 and still is not healed. Some of the cool downs was a bit difficult - I cannot do pretzel the way they want me too - I'm sorry, with boobs like mine, and the tummy I'm toting, I cannot do that quite right yet. But I did it to the best of my ability. I still felt the stretch. For the planks and push up pose, I cheated. I know bad, But I did what it asked me too, and still did sweat. Which tells me it did what it was supposed to do. Right? Also, the pose where your on your hands, and your butt is in the air, and you stretch your legs - yea no. With my elbow I cannot do that. So I was on my knee, and outstretched the leg. Still felt the stretch. eventually I will be able to do that correctly. Not yet tho. 

In any case. When he said congrats, I was super happy. 
Heres my stats :
Jan 20. day 1 of 9 week program.
100% completion. 
199.4 calories burned (it had a goal for me of 204 but thats really close!) 
Average heart rate of 149 (and I didn't die!)
Workout time - 24.20min. 

I am proud of myself. My first real step in going the right direction. 

Tomorrow morning, I will be walking 1 mile (to my sons school and back). Then again in the afternoon to pick him up. For a total of 2 miles - so 5 days a week, thats going to be 10 miles a week I am going to be walking ON TOP of the game working me out. Wow! I just need to change my eating habits, which I am. I also plan on getting the stuff to make those breakfast cookies- they sound amazing. 

I am really excited. This is a new start for me! Super excited!

I plan on posting my progress here, as well as on my blog. Check me out at 


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