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The right operating system is also considered when it comes to hosting a site. Most criteria is how the site can run smoothly and how well the computer’s operating system can manage it.

linux-web-hosting.png (296×245)

On the front line, a website host must be able to host the site smoothly, can easily be contacted when there is a problem, and often, must be able to handle the traffic the website will receive. Behind the scene, the computer that hosts the site must have a system that runs smoothly, and has less probably damage in the future. Often, we developers prefer the computer that is durable in the long run.

Linux is the top choice to most website developer, because it is durable, adjustable and cheaper unlike the top runners Windows and Macintosh, also known as Mac. Mangomatter compared different Linux web hosting, and they did a good job in creating a list.

Linux vs Windows

Windows, although has a 90% percent market rate, and can be seen in most computers, it is more prone to virus and hackers. Unlike Linux, Windows cannot also adjust to old systems of web hosting. Windows are compatible, yes, especially to games, hence, gamers are often the perfect users for Windows. But web hosts complain about its durability, since Windows needs a large amount of memory to function well, especially the Windows Vista and 7 versions of the OS.

Linux is free, compared to Windows that costs more, which is within the spectrum of expensive operating system. Linux, is fully an operating system, since the kernel is what functions more as the OS, hence the compatibility to most website hosting, like wordpress. Although, Linux is like Mac who has a smaller number of games that can run within the system. But it is less prone to virus and hackers, unlike Windows.

Linux vs Macintosh (Mac)

Macintosh, or Mac, is known for its sleek and fast system. Graphic artists, and video producers prefer using Mac, because of its function as well as it’s protection from viruses and hackers. Unlike Linux, which is free, Mac and other apple devices is quite expensive, even more so than Windows. And unlike Linux and Windows, where you can find in most computers, Mac cannot function well in other devices like Toshiba and Acer.

The Downside of Linux

Although compatible to a lot of devices unlike Mac, Linux is hard to find already installed in computers. It is also hard to use, so a great deal of computer knowledge is needed. But it is the best for website hosting, unlike the Windows and Mac.

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