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I was delighted to read Media Post's Marketing Daily article on Friday about the burgeoning gluten free market (now estimated at $1.56 Billion). After being diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2002, I immediately removed gluten from my diet, only to realize how expensive and hard-to- find gluten free products were. Over the past 7 years, as the article mentions and my experience confirms, I have gotten used to rice and quinoa pastas, but they generally don't taste nearly as good as I remember the real thing to be. Granted, perhaps absence has skewed my perception of how good wheat, barley, oats and rye really are, but you would think that given 1%, or 3 million, of the American population lives with this disease, more experimentation would be going on.

While I applaud General Mills for converting a "mainstream" cereal--Rice Chex--into a gluten-free formulation, it still gives me stomach aches. I've found that I have a similar reaction to other gluten-free products like rice bread, GF pastas, Bob's Red Mill alternative flours, etc. I'm curious if others have found this to be the case as well. Thus, not only do these products not taste like the real thing, they still make me feel pretty terrible. Although I know most of them tie my stomach in knots, I still experiement with new products I find at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Much to my chagrin, the trend continues, so I supplement my carb intake with whole grain rice and corn tortillas (which happen to be extremely inexpensive--great for the grad student budget!).

I'm curious to hear if this has affected others in the ways that I describe above. Do you have any recipes that make tasty GF bread(s)?

For more information regarding Celiac Disease, check out the Celiac Disease Foundation's website here.

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