Welcome to part 2 of a very important discussion about magnesium. The last entry talked about the abundance and importance of magnesium in our bodies. The primary focus in the last blog was the benefits magnesium holds for women. Ladies, if you missed the last blog, please read part 1 “Magnesium...Miracle Mineral!” Don’t miss out on a mineral that could change your life. That being said, let’s continue skipping down the path of magnesium enlightenment.

I used the term enlightenment for a purpose. Magnesium belongs to a group of minerals also known as electrolytes. Without taking you back to chemistry class, let’s simply say that electrolytes are the “electrical” conductors of our bodies. When your heart beats, your brain forms a thought; you blink your eyes, or when your muscles contract in sequence to take a step forward, electrolytes help send the nerve impulses to where they need to go quickly. Quickly...like up to 390 feet per second. We actually perform an electrolyte test that graphically displays the content of electrolytes in a substance in seminars and customer meetings. The test consists of an open circuit electrical box with a light bulb wired so that when the circuit is closed by an electrolyte-containing substance, the light bulb glows in response to how much electrolyte is there. This test is very representative of how our bodies function with either deficient or ample electrolytes. Our “light bulbs” shine brightly when our diets are chock-full of electrolytes, but are dimly lit when we aren’t getting enough of a great thing. That brings me to one of the most important magnesium uses in our bodies...functioning as the “sparkplug” for our cardio-respiratory system.

Beyond playing a big role in the electrical activity that takes place in our hearts to make it beat, magnesium is known to be a vital mineral for the health of the heart. Magnesium is known as "nature's calcium channel-blocker" because of its ability to block the entry of calcium into vascular smooth-muscle cells and heart muscle cells. As a result, magnesium supplementation can help reduce vascular resistance, lower blood pressure, and lead to more efficient heart function. To illustrate this, studies on pregnancy have shown that the developing placenta and fetus, drain maternal magnesium stores and low levels may contribute to the cardiovascular problems seen during pregnancy. Magnesium also helps regulate proper calcium metabolism through its actions on several hormones, including parathyroid hormone and calcitonin. Are you seeing a pattern? Let’s coin a cool mineral phrase here...Magnesium ROCKS!!!

Stepping back just a little, many times sodium and potassium get the glory as far as electrolytes are concerned. Both are very important to our bodies, as evidenced by their mention in the marketing of sports drinks and electrolyte-charged formulas like Gatorade®. What most people aren’t aware of, however, is that without proper magnesium content, neither sodium nor potassium can be pumped into or out of our cells to do the great work they’re responsible for. (Look for future blog entries about these minerals, too!) Magnesium deficiency is often the culprit when potassium deficiency is suspected. You can supplement your diet with potassium, and still not see an improvement in your health because the potassium is not getting inside the cells where it is needed. Once again, it’s magnesium to the rescue! This is starting to make my case for naturally balanced mineral supplementation.

pH Thrive™ is the perfect, naturally balanced mineral supplement I’d like you to consider. It’s obtained naturally from the Great Salt Lake (GSL), in a minerals balance like sea water. This is due to the GSL existing as a sustainable inland sea. Remarkably, our body’s minerals balance is very close to that of sea water; this makes sense as many forms of life have emanated from the oceans of our planet. pH Thrive™ contains over 72 trace minerals, 60 of which are known to support life and 16 of these are considered essential to life. In our modern time, where fast foods, soft drinks, and junk foods have taken the place of natural foods in our diets, naturally balanced minerals supplementation makes great sense. So you say you eat naturally, taking in lots of vegetables and fruits? I salute you; you are an example to be held up for others to follow. There is a problem that can exist for you too, though. The natural minerals depletion of our soils by modern commercial farming practices has taken its toll on the nutrient content of our foods. That apple you ate with your lunch may not have the mineral content that it did 100 years ago. This can be fixed easily, and cheaply, with pH Thrive™. Unlike mineral supplement pills or colloidal mineral supplements, the minerals in pH Thrive™ are in Ionic form which absorbs readily in your body. This means that those minerals will be ready to do their jobs, both in serving as electrolytes and in protecting your body’s vital pH balance. And that my friends, will be the subject of our next Building Balance blog...pH balance, and why it’s so critical to our health.


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