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Enjoy your holidays

Whale watching holidays provide an excellent opportunity for dedicated cetacean enthusiasts to view, photograph and learn more about the behaviour of a range of different cetaceans in a number of different habitats. From our experience of whale watching around the world we know the best places to go, the best local guides and the best time of the year to see whales and dolphins. Local experts, guides and boat captains are handpicked for their knowledge of the area and their experience in whale watching in the region.

Choose best specialist

They specialise in several destinations around the world for our whale watching holidays, specially selected for their diversity of whales and dolphins and the opportunities they provide for viewing and photographing a variety of marine wildlife in addition to the unique whales and dolphins of that region. Each year select a destination based on the diversity of whale and dolphin species and the sightings record over previous years.

People are enthusiastic about it

The practice of observing whales in their natural habitat is most often reserved for recreational purposes, but can also serve as great assistance to marine biologists and those conducting scientific study alike. A 2008 study showed that 13 million people took part in whale watching that year, generated approximately $2.1 billion in global tourist revenue, and employed around 13, 000 people. In this ever-expanding industry, the number of locations and those providing the opportunity to go whale watching has grown significantly.Perhaps the best part of such a journey is the fantastic intelligence and kindness of the species, making the expedition a much safer experience than a safari for example. Blue whales, finback and sperm whales can also be seen amongst an array of species. 

Looking for best whale watching trips?

If you are looking for a Whale watching holiday travel experts are ready to help guide you through the options available to you. Regardless of whether this is a short trip or a longer adventure create tailor-made holidays that are designed to give you personalised experiences.To visit this place is to open up a world of opportunities. Some mornings will be up before the dawn, senses dulled, in the hope of catching the first great columns of whale breath erupting from the glassy calm so that, even before breakfast,  have burned into our memories images to last a lifetime. Whale watching long beach is a good and recommended option for the holidays.

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