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Yesterday as I opened the freezer, bags of bread butts (that’s what we call the bread ends at our house) slid out. I’d been avoiding the quick-but-nevertheless-annoying re-organization of the freezer.

We’ve been eating lots of peanut butter and jellys here, whittling down the homemade jam supply from last summer. And, as I’ve never had an appreciation for the ends (hence their not-so-attractive name), I haven’t exactly fostered a love of them in my children. So, lots of bread ends floating about in our freezer. And I’m not usually so wasteful…but those butts are just so dry.

So every few weeks I pull out the ends from their hastily-shoved-in-the-back-of-the-freezer spots and put them in one big bag. Then months later I finally get around to taking them out to feed the ducks at our local lake, making bread pudding (I’ll share our favorite recipe for that this fall), or making into croutons.

Homemade, crunchy, savory, tasty, and inexpensive croutons! And as the weather heats up, our favorite lunch has been a big crispy salad…so we’ll eat through these quickly. They’re great sprinkled on soups too.

2010-06-18 - Foodie Friday - Finished Croutons wp-image-4520" height="348" width="522"">


Time Needed -Photo Icon
time needed
20 minutes from start to finish if you work quickly, or
30 minutes if making these with children

2010-06-18 - Foodie Friday - Ingredients wp-image-4529" height="150" width="150"">ingredients
old, stale bread (I use bread ends since that’s the part we have left)
butter or margarine
seasonings (salt, garlic powder, garlic salt, parsley, etc.)

2010-06-18 - Foodie Friday - Bread Ends Foodie Friday - Bread Ends" class="alignleft size-thumbnail <br...
1. Lay out your bread. Stale, old, or ends will all taste great.

2010-06-18 - Foodie Friday - Buttered Bread wp-image-4526" height="150" width="150"">
2. Butter each piece of bread on both sides. This is a great kid-helper-task. No need to worry about being neat. And put on as much as you like.

2010-06-18 - Foodie Friday - Cut Bread
3. Cut each slice of bread into small squares.

2010-06-18 - Foodie Friday - Seasoning
4. Place all the bread cubes onto a baking pan and sprinkle with your preferred seasonings (garlic powder or garlic salt taste great). Bake on medium to high heat (300-400 degrees) until golden brown. (The higher the temperature you choose, the less cooking time.) Let sit until cool. Then put into a sealed container for use on your salads and soups.

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Comment by Melanie on June 18, 2010 at 10:42pm
Awesome!! This is a great Idea! :) Thanks!

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