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How to Support Children after a Diabetes Diagnosis

Throughout the world, several hundred thousand children and teens are diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. It is a prevalent disease, impacting an estimated 200,000…

Diagnosing Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy in Children

Creating an environment where children remain healthy and happy is not always within a parent’s control, particularly during their early years. Medical issues may cause a variety of concerns for parents and their children that are both difficult to diagnose and a challenge to treat with…

5 Common Fundraising Mistakes that Might Be Hurting Your Organization

Fundraising is hard work, done with the best intentions in mind. While you might get caught up in the spirit of “doing good,” you could be doing it wrong. Whether it’s a communication failure or a lack of foresight, here are five mistakes you’ll want to avoid when…

Making Meal Prep for the Whole Family Easy!

Finding the time to make great meals for your family can be difficult enough as is. But when you have a "special" diet, whether it be vegetarian, vegan, sugar-free, or gluten-free, it can really start to seem impossible. How can you find the time to make meals for the whole family every day, and still take care of work, chores, and fun? Don't worry - we have you covered with this quick guide for easy meal prep!

DIY Meal Prepping

Some people have already found the joy of DIY meal prepping. Dedicate one day a week to making all the meals, then portion them out, freeze and/or refrigerate it, and you're done! Once you're ready to eat, just reheat it and serve it up. It makes it super simple and easy, and guarantees that your family has a great meal every time. To make this even more simple, create your own grocery list/meal planner combo.

Meal Delivery Services

There are tons of great meal delivery services out there. From Imperfect Produce, which delivers fresh produce straight to your door at a steep discount, to Ionutrition, which has great gluten-free options, you can find a ton of great gluten free meal delivery services. Depending on the service you choose to go with, you may still have to do a little cooking, but it can cut down on so many other chores - like shopping and researching recipes - that you'll have plenty of time to serve up something fresh!

Fresh Veggies & Fruits

If you really want to save some time (and even money!) in the kitchen, you can always invest more in fresh fruits and veggies. There's perhaps no quicker meal than a fresh salad. You can easily use leftover meat and a sprinkle of cheese to 'spice it up', and vinaigrettes are quite easy and quick to make at home. You can easily make a fruit salad or fruit smoothies for dessert.

One Pot Meals

This is a great time-saver if you want to cook for your family, but don't have as much time as you'd like. Going with one pot meals often save tons of time because you don't have to worry about sides or multiple dishes. It can even save time with clean up as you only need one pot or pan to cook with and one plate or bowl. The best part is that most recipes will only take about 30 minutes to cook.

Slow Cookers to the Rescue

Slow cookers are a similar option to one pot meals, however, they are a bit easier to manage for people who need to be gone all day. Simply throw your ingredients in your slow cooker and adjust the heat accordingly. Then leave it while you go to work or school, and dinner is ready when you get home. Likewise, you could try this with breakfast options (there are some great slow cooker pancake recipes out there)! If you really want to put the day over the top, you can even try out some amazing slow cooker desserts.

These are just a few of the great options that you can try to help keep your family happy, healthy, and well-fed. For unlikely helpful resources on great ways to plan out your meals, hit up bodybuilding forums, parenting websites, and alternative diet magazines. You can also check out Pinterest for a variety of fantastic meal planning ideas. Of course, you may have to convert some recipes to accommodate gluten-free aspects, but the ideas are solid. Happy cooking!

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