Hi Mama’s I hope everyone had an awesome Mother’s Day! I sure did. It was very low key which is just what I needed after the week I had last week…ugh. Mama’s I wanted to pull out my hair. If was as if little aliens came and nested in my kid’s brains and their sole mission was to drive me crazy. If it’s your first time reading my blog I have 4 kids ages 7, 6, 2 and 9 months. They are always a handful, but last week there were really amped up, I mean like someone slipped them each a 2 liter of Mountain Dew and kept it coming all week long. My daughter Camryn got a note from school 3 out of 5 days which really sucked. She has ADHD and we are trying our best to get it under control with meds being a super last resort (don’t judge me). My son Brandon had an awesome week at school, but at home he was so silly and acted like he was deaf all week and couldn’t hear a thing I was telling him. He had the giggles about everything and that darn near drove me bonkers. I would tell him something and he would forget it 30 seconds later. My 2 year old, Daniel decided that he was not going to do his “stinky poos” in his pull up or his potty, but on my floor and on his bed like a puppy! He even decided to take it a step further by using my wall as a canvas for his “stinky poo” drawing…let it sink in…yep he drew on my wall with his fingers in poo! I ‘bout flipped out because I was up, alert and wide awake while he did this. He was supposed to be napping. He got up to go to the potty and I gave him a special treat and tucked him back in bed. When I checked on him again he was asleep so I decided to have a cup of tea while my daughter Hannah was finally settled. I was sitting about 12 feet from his bedroom door at my dining room table and I see his hair peep out of the door and here he comes running out butt naked. I knew something was terribly wrong when I say the brown finger print he left on the door frame. I ordered him to be still while I put him in the tub (no water of course) while I assessed the situation in his room. It was a BIG STINKY MESS! I had to disinfect the entire room with my daughter on my hip. She’s teething and for some reason she feels the need to have me put her on my hip in my Moby Wrap. Ok this baby weighs about 20 lbs so imagine a 20 lb rock snuggling on you while you clean up poo, cook, vacuum, dust, wash clothes, etc. She’s teething so I completely get it, but gimme a break!

So Mama’s I would say that this may have been my worse wee so far as a Mama. The good news is I survived and that means you can too! That week is behind me and I am refreshed and rejuvenated for the weeks to come. Remember in all your parenting ups and downs to “Breathe”. I know I say that often and I honestly can’t tell you if I remembered to breathe it out last week or not, but I’m here and ready for this week’s adventure. I love being a Mama and I often time have to remember that this is a journey not a sprint. So hold on tight and enjoy the ride! Happy Monday Mama’s!!



Don’t just live life, Enjoy It!


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