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Marriage is a Vocation Not a Vacation!

Mama’s I’ve been doing some serious thinking here lately and I know a lot of people that are married. Some have some really good marriages while others struggle with trying to make their marriage thrive. I’ve been married to my sweetie pie for almost 10 years (we’ve known each other for over 20 years) and trust me when I say that we started out really, really rocky. He and I will both tell you that we wanted to pack up and call it quits in the beginning. Now let me say that no marriage is perfect however marriages can work it you put in the time sacrifice and energy.

I went into my marriage thinking, hey we loved each other, we were both nice looking, went to church and wanted the same things in life so that was automatically a recipe for success and our marriage would simply just work. Let me first say that I was wrong and for the life of me couldn’t figure out what in the hell was wrong with us or our marriage. Nevertheless we started our family and built a life upon a foundation with cracks. If you’ve know anything about buildings you definitely need a good solid foundation for the building to stand strong. The same goes with a marriage. If you build it on shaky ground to begin with be prepared to have some major issues.

Over the years we have rebuilt our marriage from the ground up. We’ve both make a decision to be open and honest about all things, no limits. We make a conscious decision to put the work in to make sure that we reap the harvest which is happy joyful living. We are focused on things that matter to us like spending time together, making sure we each get our needed time apart (staycations), building family traditions, reading books together that give us more insight on how to keep our marriage strong, keeping family and friends out of our marriage and praying together.

The only time the word vacation should be used in marriage is when you or your spouse are taking one together or if you are taking one as a family. Marriages are not meant to be placed on autopilot. They are like babies, they have to be nurtured and cared for at all times. Mama’s you know that motherhood is a job and so is your marriage. If you treat it like a side dish you will never get full. If you take a vacation on your marriage when you return you may not recognize it or your spouse and you will find yourself asking “What in the hell happened” or “Who is this person I married?”

If you took a vacation from your marriage this summer now is the perfect time to get back to work, assess any issues that may have arisen and be prepared to put in the work to fix them. Happy Back to School and remember whatever you want out of your marriage must first be out into it. You reap what you sow. Happy Hump Day Mama’s!



Don’t just live your life, Enjoy it!



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