Alright Moms and Dads out there, I need your support. I am amazed by what some kids are allowed to get away with.

When Julia was bald and not feeling or looking so great, though always beautiful to us of course, no one would ever let their child stare or comment. If they even looked at her too long someone would say something to intercede and redirect. The world around us had sympathy and understood how much those things could hurt. Kids don’t know that they are being mean or that their words and actions can scar others and they rely on the adults in charge to guide them.

So now Greg is continuing on his journey with Aspergers Syndrome and he is struggling even harder in some ways than Jules ever did. Why is it that these same people think it is okay to torment a child who is different but without visible handicaps? I could just scream! My poor guy went to a Weblos Pack Meeting and was so excited! He just loves putting on his uniform, learning everything in the handbook and working on acquiring badges. We figured it is a fairly uncompetitive activity and what could possibly go wrong? Well … not so much.

My husband’s version goes as so: As the boys are sitting in their seats one of the boys starts making fun of Greg, poking him, hitting his hat off his head … you get the picture. We have all seen it before. The difference is most of us would never let this behavior continue. Yet there is an assembly full of parents and no one says anything. Greg had to move and then continued to get picked on by the kid and his buddy who moved their seats. Dad finally tells Greg he can defend himself and he won’t get in trouble.

NOT the answer I would go with if I was there. Besides, due to Greg being Greg and his not being the type of kid who ever would upset anyone else, the advice is basically useless. He would NEVER hit anyone … well maybe his sister if extremely frustrated … he is human after all! I really believe the problem stems from the parents of these type of kids who don’t reign them in and educate them in right vs. wrong and basic humanity! Am I wrong?

He is 9 years old but a very immature and emotional 9, as Aspergers kids are. He IS different from the other kids. He is extremely loving and giving and willing to do anything to please anyone … a perfect target for a bully. Does that mean he should tolerate being bullied for the rest of his childhood and teendom? I ask you … what do I advise my child? I am open to any and all advice short of me going over and ringing the kids doorbell myself.

Thanks and grant me



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Comment by Lindsay Hamner on November 24, 2009 at 12:07pm
Hi Kathy. My heart goes out to both you and your son after reading this. Kids can be so mean but its just inexcusable when parents don’t do anything to put a stop to their child’s behavior. My advice to you would be to talk to the leaders of the Weblos Pack and see if they can do anything. Maybe have a meeting with the leaders, you and the other parents. If after that the behavior continues then this kid shouldn’t be allowed back to the meetings. No kid should be allowed to act like this without consequences.

Hope this helps..



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