Mediums, spirits and ghosts, oh my!

I recently fell in love with TLC's Long Island Medium. Why? It's dabbling in the paranormal, of course. Right up my alley. However, I don't really believe in mediums. I watch the show unsure of whether or not Theresa Caputo is real, or if the entire thing is staged. Regardless if she's real or not, I find myself in tears every single time I watch it. This is similar to my ghost hunting shows I find myself watching...and loving. I don't believe in ghosts, yet I watch, patiently, waiting for someone to prove me wrong. I would love to believe in ghosts, and in mediums as well. Yet, nobody has been able to prove that they are real in any sense. Against my better judgement, I visited Lilydale a few years ago, only to find that what the medium said wasn't true...or at least it didn't make much sense to me then, or now, for that matter.

I think what bothers me about mediums in general, is that no one ever mentions Jesus or heaven. They never say, "your loved one is with Jesus", no, that would be way too controversial for television. Instead they say, "Spirit is with your loved one", or "Spirit says,...". Spirit? Why not say God? That bothers me. Yet week after week, I watch with eager anticipation. And I cry or at least tear up at every show. Chad and I were at a hotel recently that was supposedly haunted. I waited excitedly for something, anything, paranormal to happen. Nothing ever did. Figures. Do spirits really walk among us? Here on earth? Is that where heaven is? I don't know. I don't think anyone knows. If Theresa Caputo is a fake, she's a good one. I actually wanted to go to one of her shows just to watch her, and then I saw that tickets were $250 each. Really Theresa? $250??

I'm not sure why I have an obsession with the paranormal. It's my guilty pleasure. I've had it for years and probably always will. It's part of who I am. I'm not sure if I'm out to prove the ghost hunters and soothsayers of the world wrong, or if I'm looking for them to prove me wrong: that the spirit world is closer than we think. If ghosts are real, then why doesn't everyone experience them? If mediums are real, then why don't we all have that gift? When people claim that there is a "child spirit" that's haunting their house, I want to tell them that the God I know and love, would never leave behind a child, or allow a child's spirit to get lost on their way to crossing over. Can you imagine losing a child only to think their spirit could get "lost" on their way to heaven?  That's awful. Maybe to me,  proving that ghosts or mediums, are in fact real or fake, is an obsession because it would prove the existence of God. Maybe not. Maybe on a more subconscious level that's what I'm searching for. I believe in, and love, Jesus Christ. Is he and the spirit realm here on earth? I don't know.

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