Meet Medical Thriller Author Rudy A. Mazzocchi

Unlike many authors, Rudy A. Mazzocchi wasn’t an avid reader as a child. It wasn’t until high school when he started appreciating the value of reading. “It then became an important part of my life during college and then again as an enjoyable means to pass the time while traveling for business, early in my career,” states the author. Back then, his favourite books were Andromeda Strain, by Michael Crichton, Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, and Coma, by Robin Cook.

Growing up with relatively poor parents who didn’t exactly nurture his creative side, Mazzocchi was expected to pitch in at an early age as part of the “latchkey generation.” However, his family instilled in him a strong work ethic and sense of drive and persistence. “I believe my upbringing made me the entrepreneur that I’ve become today… and that entrepreneurism is what provided the discipline that I find is an important ingredient in becoming a good author,” says Mazzocchi.

Today, Mazzocchi is the start-up CEO of several med-tech and biotech companies and the CEO of an early-stage Ophthalmology Company developing the world’s first electronic Autofocusing implantable lens ( This programmable implant will not only provide 20/20 vision at all distances, but may also become the first commercially-available “implantable computing” device.  He also serves on the Board of Directors of five other med-tech companies.

In addition to all this, he’s also the author of the Equity series, a trilogy of medical thrillers published by Twilight Times Books (

Mazzocchi took the plunge to become an author while celebrating his 50thbirthday during a 14-day cruise down the Panama Canal. “My wife challenged me to take action on a long-standing ‘threat’ of writing my own novel. Three years later, we were celebrating the release of my first thriller, Equity of Evil.

Equity of Evil reveals a dark world involving abortion, human trafficking and organ cultures. Book 2, Equity of Fear, deals with the subject of the re-wiring of the brain to eliminate fear or to restore or alter memory. Book 3 will address the controversial subject of euthanasia.

Presently, the author is celebrating the release of Equity of Fear, which took him approximately ten months to research and write, and another four months to edit using two professional editors.

Equity of Fear fell in the right place with Mazzocchi’s present publisher, Twilight Times Books. “We basically replicated the existing contract that was in place for my debut novel, Equity of Evil,” he states. “This first novel was another story! The original book title was Harvest of the Unborn, and despite the efforts of my literary agent (Erica Spellman-Silverman of Trident Media Group), the title was just too controversial for many of the large publishing houses. Through one of my editors, we found Lida Quillen at Twilight Times Books who had the courage to take a chance on this new first-time author.”

For this writer, the most rewarding aspect of being an author is the process. “It allows for creativity, production and a final result… whether good or bad. The reward is the completion of the entire process, not any one particular step along the way.”

Currently, Mazzocchi is doing research on the subject of euthanasia for his third book in the Equity series.  He also would like to dab into the world of nonfiction with a book focusing on his career as a start-up CEO and the subject of entrepreneurism. The other concept will be an attempt at a humorous “relationship” manual for spouses.

A native of Pennsylvania, Mazzocchi now lives in sunny Florida. He divides his time between working as an entrepreneur, inventor, and angel investor, and furiously writing his novels during transatlantic flights and in empty hotel rooms.

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