Acquiring a Taste for Wine – How to Properly Enjoy This Elegant Beverage

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Things To Know Before Taking Out A Personal Loan

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Of course, as with any other…




Meet the December Mommy Master: Helping YOU with Holiday Shopping!

Mommy Master of the Month

Congratulations to Missy DePew, a Mompreneur who created MOMZY , a social shopping website and mobile app for moms.  

Learn more from Missy below:

I’m a mom most importantly to Ally, 14 and Ryan,11. I’m a TV Producer and loving wife (most of the time). I am launching a new site/app that helps moms. I started it because I wanted to see what other moms were buying for their families. I had no friends that were moms when I was a new mom and it was a lonely time with no one to bounce ideas off of. I eventually joined a moms group and we really trusted each other’s opinions and recommendations on products. I wanted to give that experience to moms even if they didn’t have support and so I created Momzy.

Momzy is a shopping community and the best way to see what other moms are loving and buying online.  Moms use it to find products for their babies, kids and themselves and to create shareable collections/bundles of products they want or need to buy later.

1. Search and browse across all brands and stores that moms love all in one app.
2. Fill out your profile and MOMZY will display products just for you and your stage of motherhood.
3. See what’s trending with moms and make gift lists, registries and connect with moms just like you.

I’m not sure I deserve to be The Mommy Master of the Month, but other moms deserve to know about Momzy. Here’s a look into my mind about this year-long making of Momzy on my blog.

Disclaimer: The MOMZY app works best when user wears yoga pants, drinks wine and smiles.


Momzy on Facebook

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Submissions are now open for the January Mommy Master, and entering is super easy. It’s a great way to promote your business, gain more followers for your blog and social media outlets, or just brag about all the hard work you do as a mom…at no cost to you!

Let’s support and encourage one another!

Thank you to all the great moms who entered thus far…you are all Mommy Masters!

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