"Michael J. Fox: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist"


Last night the T.V. special, "Adventures of an Incurable Optimist" aired on ABC. Michael J. Fox talked to people from all over the world about "the nature of optimism" and talks about his ongoing battle with Parkinson's Disease. What an encouraging and upbeat special. It's a must see! This special aired for an hour. We follow Fox as he meets a variety of doctors who discuss the traits involved in being an optimist.Michael J. Fox says that the past 10 years have been his best years. One of his special achievements is The Michael J. Fox Foundation and all of the money and research that has occured over the past years.
During the special he spoke with Lance Armstrong.Lance Armstrong overcame cancer and started the "Livestrong" campaign. The yellow bracelets with "Livestrong" embossed on it was inspired by his struggle with cancer. He then met with Bonnie Hunt at Wrigley Field where he discusses individuals passions for the sport of baseball and there non-ending support of teams even if they haven't YET made it to the World-Series! He then traveled to the Himalayan nation of Bhutan where there main priority is happiness! The photographers were seen taking pictures of families and friends participating in events together, all smiling, giggling and very happy! It was inspirational to watch. He mentioned that even though he was hiking he didn't seem to need as much medication as usual. It had to do with happiness and feeling optimisitic. Having a mom with Parkinson's I know how stress can affect her tremor!
It was amazing watching Fox golf with Bill Murray. With very obvious tremors he continued to hit the golf ball. It was even a struggle for him to walk the golf course. "I'm a terrible golfer! But it's just so much fun to get out there,", maybe summing up his feel-good message when he adds, "Optimism isn't about hoping for the end result. I'm content to enjoy the hope, without needing to be assured of the outcome."
"Fox was qoted as saying, "I just need to express myself, because that's what I do. It's the only way I can live my life: to embrace the possibilities, instead of fear the realities.
"We've been scared for a while," he says. "Before the economy, it was the war and terrorism. And we reacted fearfully at first. But I think we're trying something new, now: It's not about duct-taping yourself inside your house. It's about opening your windows and seeing what's out there.
"In my own way, I'm cheerleading that."
Take a look at the ABC website to look at a clip of the special. Hopefully it will be shown in it's entirety on their website.
As you may know, Fox is also a best-selling author. His first book, Lucky Man, was published in 2002. A new memoir of the last eight years, Always Looking UpI'm also looking forward to reading his new book.
I'm looking forward to reading his new book!
Smiling and laughing,

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Comment by Robin on May 8, 2009 at 4:51pm
I remember Michael when he was younger in the Back to the Future movies and Family Ties. I also remember when his wife was on the show! I saw Michael 3 years ago at the Parkinson's Unity Walk in NYC. As you know he has his own amazing foundation, The Michael J Fox Foundation. He spoke at the walk. He's a very "normal" person!

I felt terrible that his Parkinson's has progressed to such a level yet I'm amazed by his attitude!

I hope to become more of an optimist...
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Comment by Dee Bird on May 8, 2009 at 4:27pm
I saw the epidsode too and really appreciated the show. It was really good. but it also brought back alot of memoreis seeing Michael on family ties and the many movies he did. It was also good to see his wife, Tracy. I remember when she came on Familiy ties.

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