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Mirror Mirror: Keys To Gaining Self Confidence

As women, we can be really hard on ourselves and each other. I know every time I go out in public, I get more stares from women than men. Not necessarily because they're trying to hit on me or anything like that, but because women can be so such critics of other women and how they look.

"Girl, what she got on," "Honey she think she cute," "She think she all that!!!"

Truth is, EVERY woman has something about their body they don't like. For the most part, we just deal with it and do nothing about it. Then there are some of us that go to extreme measures to try to obtain what they think to be the perfect body.  I mean, we would all love to have the 24/34/46 like Petey Pablo says in his song Freek-a-leek, which is basically a coke bottle frame, but honestly, what is the perfect body? If there is a perfect body, whose to say that "she" has it and not you.

No matter what your body type or size, you have to learn to love the body you were given. If there are some things you don't like then you do what you can to improve them but in a healthy way! For me, I don't like being overweight, so I'm eating right and exercising to get myself to my ideal size, which is going to take me some time. We have to realize that we were given the body God made and learn to love it no matter what.

Here are some tips to help you gain body confidence:

Stop comparing yourself to other women, especially celebrity women:

In today's society, they have an "ideal" figure of what a woman should look like and for the most part it's depicted by celebrity women. "Oh I wish I had an ass like J-Lo" or "I wish I could be as pretty as Kim Kardashian" or "I wish I looked like Beyonce." Truth of the matter is these are just regular women like us. They are flawed too. I'm sure as beautiful as the world thinks these women are, they have some insecurities about their body as well. The only difference between them and us, they have a glam squad to make them look flawless, and an excellent photographer to photo shop any imperfections so they  portray the perfect image on magazine cover. If you were to catch some of these women when they first rolled out of bed, I'm sure you wouldn't even recognize them. Hell some of them would probably scare your ass half to death.

Instead of focusing how much you "wish" you looked like so-and-so, take a look in the mirror and find one thing you like. No matter if it's your dimples, your smile, long hair or hands and focus on that instead of what you don't like.

Tell that voice in your head to SHUT UP:

For the most part, we are our own worst enemy. We spend so much time comparing ourselves to the next chick that we constantly have a voice in our head telling us we aren't "perfect" enough. It is so much easier to say something negative to yourself, but that's when you have to change your frame of mind. Start saying more positive things to yourself. When you first get up in the morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are and that you're lucky to be you. Again, focus on the things you love not those you hate.

Accept that fact that you're YOU:

Although some of us would love to be someone else, who's to say we would be happy being them if we were them??? Learn to feel good in your own skin.  Do things that make you feel good about yourself.

Just remember what ever you think about yourself, others will too. It's like whenever you don't think you look your best everyone else knows it too. If you walk out the door with your head held high knowing you look good with high confidence in yourself and your body, it shows. No one will be able to intimidate you or make you feel inferior because you don't look like them. One of the greatest things about being YOU is that there is only one YOU! Seriously, would you be happy in a world where everyone looked the exact same???



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