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I think out of all of the seasons, fall has to be my most favorite.  It's evident by the colors in my home.  I love fall colors and this time of year.
I love cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, I love squashes of all kinds.  I love a hot cup of tea on a chilly evening and warm soups with steaming biscuits.
I love rain and the smell of rain-soaked leaves on the ground.  That earthy "fall" smell.
I love burning my candles
So, naturally I was excited to get a few fall craft ideas to do with Robi.
Now, mind you - I have yet to find clear contact paper.  We probably have it here...I just haven't found any yet.
And most of our craft stuff is still packed in the garage somewhere.
But here is what we did:
I cut out some pumpkins and leaves and colored them with markers.  Then I took the paper that I colored the pictures on - where the markers went over the edges - and colored over those colors with a yellow marker...to sort of blend all those fall colors together and the made collage paper out of it.
I cut the center out of two of the pumpkins, put plastic wrap in the center a few collage papers, and then ironed it.  
It actually turned out okay.
Robi didn't help with this - he wasn't really interested in this part of the project.


But he did like this part



He was very impressed with these being on his window.  
Oh - and we have a new addition to our family.  Meet Luna.
We've enjoyed a lot of outside time with her!
I love shadow pictures


Luna loves having a huge yard to run around in


And Robi loves chasing her


The postman came on his motorcycle


And Robi was downright impressed




He is all-boy...through-and-through




And Andrej?  Well, he was having fun playing in his stroller and taking in all the action
I don't dare let him crawl around -- he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth...rocks, sticks...earthworms...


But he wasn't missing out on any fun.  He had a great time, too.


And now it's party time!!!
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