Mommy is Stressed, Mommy is Dangerous!

Our whole life is a stress, if you are working you have to get the kids ready for school, do not be late to work, work like crazy because otherwise they can fire you for being chronically late, don't be late to pick up kids because you will have to pay the fine (again), feed the kids, put them to bed, try to relax watching TV while packing lunches for tomorrow. If you are home, it is even more stressful, you never leave your workplace, trying to clean up and cook and keep family on budget while your kids seem to break anything and everything, try to look good and feel good on budget. Both of these scenarios usually run with the humming sound of guilt feelings of being an inadequate mother, wife and woman.

The stressed woman can be recognized very easily, as she does a lot and achieves nothing, her eyes are full of fear and panic. She is irritable, explosive, impatient and dangerous.

The woman is stressed. “AAAAAHHH I am running out of time, I am always late, I am not good enough!”

So, if you:

*        do not have enough of time or energy;

*        have a growing to-do list;

*        collapse in the end of the date of sheer exhaustion;

*        yell at your husband;

*        are ready to sleep through the next 4 or 5 months;

*        are chronically tired;

Then you are stressed. Meanwhile, your husband is playing computer games, watches TV, out with his friends and that really annoys you even more.

You are stressed because you started to do things for your husband and forgot that the main function of woman is to keep and give the energy and love. You obviously took on too many functions, both male and female, robbed your husband of that wonderful and happy wife he deserves and made yourself miserable.

There is a smarter way of dealing with the stress. What would the real woman do?

  • Stop.
  • Calm down (take a bath, meditate, lie down next to your husband).
  • Involve your husband. After dinner, when the kids are sleeping, discuss your concerns with your husband and ask for his advice. Advice. Ask him what he thinks would be the fair distribution of tasks. Ask him how you both can simplify your hectic life. He will give you millions of options. He will be full of ideas. He will take on new responsibilities and be grateful to you for asking his opinion and advice. He will be so happy that you stopped being irritated with him and he has a chance now to make you happy. If you do not believe it, try it. The main thing is to approach it from the position of advice as opposed to telling him off.
  • So, you should already feel less stressed by now. Now, as soon as your husband does something right, you give him positive reinforcement. Admire and praise. Tell him that it makes you feel happy and empowered seeing him helping you. Be generous: kiss, cuddle, dance around him, tell everyone that he did it. Initially positive reinforcement has to be for each and every action, then for every second and less. And when he is fully trained, you can give him away to circus. Kidding. In fact this positive reinforcement is not for him, it is for you, because you train yourself to appreciate your husband more. You re-learn to love and inspire him. You start to remember what a wonderful man you have married and how resourceful and helpful he is. And how eager he is to make you happy.
  • After all this is done, your main function is to make sure not to fall in this trap again. There is a bank of powerful ideas to keep your feminine energy going. Get an instant access now

Good bye stress!

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Comment by TheNinjaWife on June 12, 2012 at 5:24pm

Kasheia, thank you :) Married or not married, we (women) always try to be heroes and do everything ourselves, but it feels so much better when someone helps us. Hope you are as unstressed as possible these days :) 

Comment by Kasheia Williams on June 12, 2012 at 9:20am

Love this! Not married *yet*, but I can use a few of these pointers!





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