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Mompreneur Monday: The Yellow Rose Cakery in Coral Springs, FL

Mompreneur: n. defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.

Happy Monday Modern Boca Moms!  I'm so happy to be writing the next installment of my Mompreneur Monday series on MBMom, highlighting businesses and brands that were founded by female entrepreneurs and fellow Mommas.

MBMompreneur Monday

Today's featured Mompreneur is...Andrea "Andi" Brown, founder of The Yellow Rose Cakery in Coral Springs (a.k.a. the bakery that is designing #dailybabyavery's 1st birthday cake)!  Can you believe these amazing, edible creations?


Even though Andi has been making fabulous, edible works of art for the past 16 years, it wasn't always sugar, spice and everything nice...

Her early love of cake design grew out of friendship and ice cream...Baskin Robbins to be specific.  To help a friend get promoted to "Cake Decorator" at the shop, Andi offered to accompany him to design classes to earn the required certifications.  He ended up dropping out after the first certification and Andi stuck with it, receiving three cake decorating certificates.

Her business started out with friends and family as clients, like most.  Then, at the age of 21, she got a job at a grocery store as a cake decorator/assistant bakery manager.  "I loved it!" Andi said.  After the grocery store unexpectedly closed, Andi and her husband moved to Vero Beach so he could pursue a family business and she got a job at Cookies By Design and ran the shop for almost 5 years.  "I even got my Mother in Law a job baking for the shop and working with it was ours!" said Andi.

She took multiple breaks from full-time baking to pursue other interests such as massage therapy and eventually, motherhood.  After being a stay-at-home mom for about a year and making cakes here and there for family and friends AND a local bake shop, something terrible happened.

Her mother-in-law and one time baking partner unexpectedly had a massive heart attack and died at only 46 years old.

"She was my saving grace most times. We had our own unique relationship and I loved her.  We always talked about having our own bakery one day if 'we won the lottery,' so my mission was now clear: MAKE HER PROUD!" said Andi.  "In her honor, I opened The Yellow Rose Cakery.  Yellow roses were her favorite flower, so it only seemed fitting for that to be the name [of the business], and a way to memorialize her forever!"

Now, that is a special mother/daughter-in-law relationship.

I am so excited to work with The Yellow Rose Cakery for #dailybabyavery's "cake smash" cake and birthday party cake coming up.  They can pretty much design ANY kind-- wedding, gender reveal, 3-D cakes, you name it!  A full list is available on their website.

Scooby Doo 2013


Andi has been a joy to work with and you can really tell by speaking with her that she loves what she does.  She has wonderful ideas as well when it comes to the cake for your special occasion.

From the mild to the wild, ordinary to the extraordinary...whatever your "sweet" heart desires, The Yellow Rose Cakery can design!


Have a "sweet" Monday everyone!

Disclaimer: MBMom received discounted cakes for this review.  As always, all opinions and comments are my own.

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