MotherKnows: Maintain Your Child's Medical Records Online

I was recently provided with the opportunity to use and evaluate MotherKnows, a new service for parents.  MotherKnows was created by parents for parents and allows us to better manage our children's medical records. MotherKnows is a secure website and mobile app that provides parents access to their child's health records anywhere, anytime it is needed. You simply sign an electronic release and MotherKnows collects the records from any medical provider and converts them into a custom tailored health record with easy to read graphic displays of immunizations, growth charts, medications and more. Then, you can view your child’s complete medical history, as well as record developmental milestones and share this information easily.  Within the service, you have access to:

  • Immunization records
  • Weight and Height chart
  • Prescriptions provided
  • Diagnosed allergies and conditions
  • PDFs and Images of all documents on file

I was excited to try this new service.  My daughter is on her third pediatrician - the first lacked any bedside manner and the second is no longer close enough to be convenient.  MotherKnows offers me a way to maintain my daughter's online medical records, immunization history and developmental milestones in one convenient place.  The initial sign up process was very simple and the release forms were in my email inbox within 24 hours.  One set of records was received, uploaded and available for my review in less than 7 days.  This was extremely helpful as we prepared for an appointment with a new pediatrician.  Through MotherKnows, I was able to print a complete record of my daughter's immunizations and bring it with me to the appointment.  The only down side is that your doctor's office may charge a fee to provide the records.  In my case, one office did charge a fee, but the other did not.  You will need to check with your particular doctor's office to determine if there will be a charge.
Once all of her records are forwarded from the doctors' offices, I will then have access to her complete online medical record 24 hours per day.  Her immunization record, medications previously prescribed and her developmental milestones together in one place for me.  MotherKnows also has an iPhone app and is working on one for Android users like me.   With this kind of convenience, you will always have the information you need at your fingertips.   Easily accessible for you, but secure and protected.   As I mentioned, MotherKnows was created by parents and they know the important of privacy and security in maintaining this information.  They worked with a Medical Advisory Board and online data security experts to ensure that MotherKnows was built to exacting standards. All data is encrypted with state of the art 256 bit encryption. Their privacy standards also carry the Truste seal. 


By now, if you are anything like me, you are chomping at the bit wanting to try this new service!  The good news is that you can.  MotherKnows is so confident in their service that they are offering a no-risk money back guarantee if you sign up for the service. Use it for 60 days and if at any time you’re not satisfied, cancel your account for a full refund.  That's not all either!  The first 500 people that click on the link to learn more about Mot...  Click on this link and enter MK10 to receive your FREE Child Fingerprint ID Kit.  You can also enter towin a one year membership at Yankee Texan Mom.  The giveaway runs through 9/13/11.

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