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As I've said before my husband and I are working on doing a complete DIY remodel of pretty much our entire house.  We bought our home last year - it was built in 1973 and pretty much nothing had been changed since then.  Luckily my husband is pretty handy and we have been able to take on the task of remodeling the whole home, room by room on our own, with some help from other talented family members.  It can be extremely stressful at times and there have been many times we have worried we bit off more than we could chew - like when my husband gutted the entire bathroom and then got a bit freaked out because he was afraid he wouldn't be able to put it back together.  But so far we have managed to overcome all the obstacles we have encountered, though I'm sure there are many more ahead.
  This week I want to share what we've done in our dinning room.
This is what it looked like when we purchased the house.


And this is what it looks like now:
My husband took out the original sheetrock and redid it all, replaced the windows, replaced the light fixture, replaced all the baseboards and put up beautiful crown molding. 
I knew we had to get a tiffany style light fixture - I love them - but it had to be a small one because the room is small and I didn't want the light fixture to be the focal point, instead I wanted my collection of dishes to be the focal point.  I originally hung this rose ball from the light for Felicity's Vintage Inspired Valentine's Day Party, but afterward I decided I liked it and have kept it there.
There is one red wall and all the rest are cream.  The floors are a dark laminate wood, which is the only thing from the original room that we kept when we did the remodel.  The room is very small so it is challenging to get a good size table and the dishes displayed in there without feeling to cramped - but I think we have managed to do it.
Below is another pic I took a couple weeks before taking the pics above.  It was before I hung up the rose ball and I had a slightly different centerpiece at the time.
The room will continue to evolve.  I am looking for a shabby burlap banner that says something related to family or food that I can hang in the room - probably from the dish display hutch to the window.  And the table and chairs in there now are not permanent.  I want a shabby old table and 4 chairs that are all different.  My Nanny and I spent a ton of time visiting antique stores trying to find the right pieces and couldn't so I just bought this table and chairs from Target to put in there until I find what I want.
To see pictures of the rest of my house visit:
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