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Hello - come on in!  A while back I showed our dinning room remodel that was almost done but lacking the finishing touches.  Well I think I can finally say it is officially done for now!

It is a very small room, redone on an even smaller budget, but I truly love it......

This is how the room looked when we bought it.  My husband redid all the Sheetrock, base boards, crown molding and put in a new light fixture.......

Here it is now:

My burlap tablecloth was made by Sonya at Beyond the Screen Door - it really helped give me that shabby look I wanted in what is actually a new room.

My desk and chairs came from Target.

The candle stick holders, pears and silver tray all came from Goodwill....

In case you haven't noticed I buy a lot of things at Goodwill and garage sales.  I'm one of those frugal people that cannot justify paying full price for pretty much anything. This whole room was redone on an extremely tight budget.

(notice my little helper trying to break into the hutch)

My desk was a consignment store find that that I decoupaged in sheet music.


The room is small so instead of keeping a chair at the desk I just turn around one of the chairs from the table when I use it.  But I really do not use the desk often, it's more for storage than anything.

This is taken standing in the entry way that comes from the kitchen, which is currently in the process of getting a major makeover.

and here's a shot looking back into the living room.

My birdcage in the corner was a garage sale find.  It was a brassy gold and I just spray painted it brown.  I'm going to take it with me to the craft shows i do in the fall and use it as a display piece.  I think my feather hair fascinators will look really cute clipped all over it!

I wanted to paint the cage and stand turquoise but my husband was already complaining about all the "overload" of color in the dinning room and living room so I just went for a neutral color.

My hutch was a college graduation / wedding gift from my Nanny and is one of my favorite things in the house.  We always think it's funny trying to watch people try to figure out how to open it.  There is a small lock on the side that you undo and the door actually slides across open.

I have been collecting dishes since I was in college and I love having a pretty place to store and display them.  I do not collect anything based on value, I just pick up what I like.

Oh, and I found this cute little piece hanging on the window at Goodwill and fell in love with it immediately and I got the curtains off Ebay for a couple of dollars.

I have to share this because it's just too cute....

After dinner I always let Felicity blow out the candles.  She was playing in her room when I was taking these pics and when she came in and saw the candles lit she climbed up on the table and started blowing away.

P.S.    We just started our Semi-Annual clearance in the shop.  Lots of things are in the clearance section and you can use discount code "POSTCARD2012" to get an additional

25% off all clearance & regular prices!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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