So, I've never blogged before. This site kind of confuses me. It seems more like a feminine place to network then moms blogging about mom things and helping each other out. I'll stick it out though and see how it goes.


Well, I have a rambunctious one year old named Constantine (Tino for short). A lot of people see his name and assume he's a girl, although I've never heard that name attached to a girl except recently on "The Help". He's highly independent and has been since birth. He was rolling over as soon as he exited the womb due to him dancing the whole nine months inside me. He 's really into music and is always coming up with new dance moves. He's my first and a blessing because he's such an easy baby to have. Everyone says the first one is easy, and it's the second one you have to watch out for (she'll be along in a few more years).


My husband and I have been together for six years, married for three. He's my best friend and I wouldn't feel complete without him. We work our schedules so someone is always home with Tino. He works nights and me days. It's pretty hard because we hardly see each other. When Tino was born he was a stay at home dad. He loved it for awhile then started missing a social life, so he returned back to work. In another year or two we'll put Tino in day care, so we can have a normal life with each other. Right now, paying that much a month just seems ridiculous.


I am Mom. I feel like even before Constantine I've always been a mom, just a mom without a child. While I was pregnant the main questions were: "Are you scared to give birth?" and "Do you feel weird about being a mom?" The answer was always "No". It even felt weird being asked that question. I found this song by Jewel that I now dedicate to my, "Absence of Fear", because he's such a natural part of me and my life.


I am a dog groomer. I make this statement because I've discovered that being a groomer and a mom go so much hand in hand. Dealing with a fussy baby requires the same techniques as dealing with an unruly dog. I find that being a mom has made me a better groomer and vice versa.


I like to say that my job requirements are fearlessness. Patience and a great deal of calm just as much so. Thus, you can see the similarities.


I was clipping my sons nails one day when he just wasn't in the mood. I started making a "boop" noise and pretending I was clipping them. After a few "boops" I would actually clip them and this kept him calm. At work, one of the hardest things is taking our clippers around a dog's eyes so we can "scoop" the hair from between them. This is especially hard on puppies. I started making the "boop" noise and taking the same approach and miraculously it works.


I love my job. I love being a mom. I love being a wife to the wonderful man I have.


I don't know how well this blogging thing will go, as I find myself hardly on this site as is. Hopefully I get into it and make some good mommy friends along the way.


This is it for now.





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