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My first blog Post on his great web site!

Well today my son and I had a great day together.We played with his toys and slept in the big bed together.And we played with an empty water bottle for awhile.And I also fed him his breakfast and his lunch.Which he really loved and he ate the whole jars for both lol.I can't believe his five months old already and it feels like I just had him yesterday.I still feel bad about when the time comes when he asks me where's my daddy.And I'll have to explain to him about how he,I met,then he lost his job and started to treat me bad so I left.But that won't be for a great while yet.But deep down inside I know its going to hurt him.Because I know when my Dad did that to me and my Sister's.I know it hurt me pretty good.I just am wondering how some men could do that by leaving their wifes or live in gf and their kids.And hook -up with another Woman and start all over again like the first ones don't even exist?I mean don't they realize its going to hurt,even scar the child.But in all fairness I got out of that relationship just in time because Conor would have phisical,emotional issues,not to mention 2nd hand smoke in his lungs.Because I asked my baby's daddy to stop smoking when I found out I was pregnaunt with Conor,he refused so thats greatly one of the many reason's why I left him.And if your wondering if I have any regrets for leaveing him back in Florida.The answer is "no"because I have a healthy Handsome 16 lb 5 month old baby boy who's going to love me forever no matter what.He is so adorable with every new thing that he learns for every mile stone that u just want to squeeze him to death .But I won't squeeze him to death lol.I just feel so bad for my little man because he has to go threw teething pain.And now I heard that baby origel is bad for babies.And this man called Dr humphry has these new homiopathic pills out for teething pain so my mom ordered some and we'll see if that works better.I also just love to watch him roll on his side sometimes and play with his toys its so cute how he talks to them too.So now my little man is sweetly sleeping in his graco sleep n play Bed in his boppie.Like a little angel with the closet light on.But I know in the near future I'll have to break him of the closet light.ekks is that going to be a hard ship lol.Plus now my little Prince has to have his formula whipped in a mini blender because I got sick of leaving clumps of formula at the bottom of the bottles.And if your wondering if I love spoiling my son the answer is heck ya.Cause after all he's going to be my only child so this mommy is going to make the best of it.

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Comment by Jennifer Carter on June 3, 2009 at 12:39am
good blogs good night and I left my e-mail address if you ever want to chat night night jenn
Comment by Jennifer Carter on June 2, 2009 at 10:29pm
ty tanya and yes we sure are.And yes I guess it is the way to do it now a days since some of the dads who are dead beats lol,ty again
Comment by Tanya @jobtitlemom on June 2, 2009 at 4:20pm
Sounds like you are doing just fine on your own Jennifer. My mom did it with my brother and I and we turned out just fine. Good luck to you and your little man. Check out my blog

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