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It’s no secret that my journey to be green is a work in progress.  Every day, I’m learning something new about health, fitness and the environment.  Along the way, I have made many discoveries that have helped me on this journey.  So today I am starting a weekly post that I will call Friday Favorites.  I am not trying to “sell” any of these items – these are just things that help me to be a little healthier, a little more fit, and a little greener every day.  Enjoy!

Mix It Up!

This little baby used to be wildly popular and I learned about it on one of those weekend infomercials.  In fact, it took several viewings before I finally decided to buy for the low, low price of…..I can’t even remember.  But I’m pretty frugal so I don’t think it was that much.  And I’m pretty sure you can pick these up in stores now.

How has it helped me?  Every day, I drink a natural protein shake because I have cut out red meat and I worry about getting enough protein.  I put in the protein, some organic peanut butter, a banana and a little almond milk and I’m done in about 5 minutes.  This is also great for fruit smoothies and I make a healthy chicken salad with it.  My favorite part?  It came with a set of handled cups, each with a colored, removable lid.  That way, everybody gets a fresh drink.

Clean It Up!

I used to use a lot of Windex in my house, but since embarking on the green journey, I’ve kicked that habit.  The ammonia and other chemicals have no place in my house.  It’s great knowing that my glass surfaces and small appliances can be clean without destroying my indoor living environment.

How have these helped me?  I used these every morning to wipe down the mirrors in our bathrooms, as well as other mirrors throughout the house.  It not only removes dust, but you can use it to buff out fingerprints without any kind of streaking.  Wednesday is my “kitchen cleaning” day and I with a tiny bit of my green glass cleaner, I can clean all of my small appliances, as well as the front of the microwave and oven without streaks or chemicals.  My favorite part?  It’s like a magnet for removing dust from TV’s, computers, the stereo and our phones and it’s machine washable.  I also clean my son’s glasses every morning with it.

Wash It Up!

We (and by “we” I mean “I”) have always had a major amount of laundry to do.  Our kids were always active in sports, which meant a lot of uniforms to wash.  My husband works outside, which means of lot of work clothes to wash.  And we used to have dogs, which meant everything else needed washed.  Before setting out to be green, I’ll be honest.  I bought whatever was the best value (except for Tide which my husband was allergic to) or whatever was had the best fragrance.  Back then, I had no clue that I was contributing to my son’s allergies and asthma and creating a toxic environment in the house.  Even the dogs sneezed!

How has my new detergent helped me?  The PH of this detergent is almost the same as water and it’s a natural botanical so there are no fragrances that contribute to our allergies.  A really small bottle washes 48 loads.  Even in our household, that’s a lot of laundry.  It gets the nasty smells out of my son’s sports uniforms, as well as my husband’s work clothes and yet it’s gentle enough for baby clothes.  My favorite part?  It doesn’t take up a lot of room (I used to buy the MEGA bottles or boxes) and because it’s so concentrated, it actually ends up being cheaper to use.

So those are a few of my favorite things I have discovered.  In the coming weeks, I’ll talk about more household gadgets, pieces of exercise equipment, stores I’ve discovered, foods, and products that help around the house.  If you have favorite items that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about them.  Leave me a comment below.  You might help me expand my list of favorites.  Have a terrific weekend!

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