I really wish I could take credit for this awesome idea, but I must give honor to whom honor is due.


Valencia, at Buildeth Her House, wrote about this ingenious idea of having a "Home Management Binder"  You  totally  need to check it out!!!


One thing I hate is when our work desk is cluttered with junk.  Now, it will never be completely clutter-free, but I try to keep it fairly neat.  One thing that irritated me to no end were the loose papers: my daily schedule, Z's notes to himself, important documents that had yet to find a home - oh, there were tons of these papers sitting on our printer. And it just looked cluttery. 


So, when I read about the Home Management Binder, I knew it was the answer to my problem!  Besides, anyone who knows me know I love to organize.


So, while my binder doesn't look half as neat as Valencia's, it has already been put to very good use.  


Mine has the following sections (mostly taken from Valencia's suggestions, but I did add a few of my own):


1. Schedules - this has my daily schedule in it, my weekly chore chart (one day I'll blog about that - and maybe even offer a free printable), and a list of birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, 


2. Lists - Anyone who knows me knows I am the queen of lists.  I have a list for everything under the sun.  So, this section has my on-going grocery list, my "home improvement" list, my "what we still need to buy for our apartment" list, and any other list I have on-going presently.


3. Cleaning - here is where I have a list of my cleaning supply recipes.  Also, ideas that I might have for future cleaning supplies and ideas I want to try out.  Also, here is where I write down things that I see that need to be cleaned - that are not apart of my weekly chore system (like clean out the fridge, organize the pantry, and scrub the rubber seal around the wash machine lid).


4.  Meal planning - I know I haven't posted a "Meal Plan Monday" in a while - that's because Z's schedule's been so crazy, and he's worked three 2nd shifts in a month (which means he doesn't eat at home...which means I don't really do a lot of cooking).  Besides, we're in another heat wave, which usually means a lot of salads.  But, I have a menu written for the next 3 weeks, and I'll be back to my Meal Planning again.  Here is where I also write down recipes I want to try.


5. Health and Fitness - I actually do have a weight plan for my pregnancy.  And while I did get off, around the 5th-6th month, I am almost back on target....which means in the past 3 months I have gained only 3 or 4 pounds.  Also, I have a list of back exercises in this section, and my 2-year weight loss plan for after the baby is born.  Here is where I keep all of my current pregnancy documents (lab results, referral forms, etc) and Iwill also keep track of weight and measurements here as well.


6. Inspirational - This is where I keep my current Good Morning Girls printouts, prayer list, answered prayer list, and thoughts and quotes that inspire me.  This is my devotional tab.


7. DIY - Crochet patterns, craft ideas, etc go here.


8. Shift Work Info - You all know my passion about researching  about shift work.  This is where I keep notes, ideas, and all my research that hasn't already made its way to my blog.


9. Blog Ideas - This is where I jot down ideas I have for blogs, what I am planning in the near future, and where I am keeping track of the guest blogs that are coming up.  More about that here.


10. Lesson Stuff - this is where I keep track of my students and their upcoming lessons.  I do have a separate binder for the actual lesson material - but when I need to jot a note to myself, or keep track of upcoming ideas, this is where it will go.


11. CEO - Many of you may not know, but I handle all English administration and Croatian-to-English translation for our church.  There are monthly deadlines, quarterly deadlines, and things that just need upkeep from time-to-time.  This is where I keep track of all of that.


12. - Children's Church - I also coordinate our Children's ministry and teach for a month at a time every other month.  This is where I keep track of future program ideas, schedules, and whatever comes to mind.


At the end of that tab I have a ton of notebook paper and a pocket-folder where I keep all of Z's papers and documents that need a home.


This also inspired me to organize all our important documents, like my documents for my visa, birth certificates, etc.  That went into a 2nd binder, and then all of our medical documents went into a 3rd one (because, here, we hang on to all of our lab results, x-rays, and all medical documents).


I feel soooooo much better - and now I know where everything is!!!


So, do you feel you need to be more organized?  Pop on over to Buildeth Her House for some inspiring ideas of how you can put together an attractive Home Management Binder! 



I am looking for guest bloggers in October, November and December. For a list of dates and all the details visit:



Thank you for sharing...

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