Acquiring a Taste for Wine – How to Properly Enjoy This Elegant Beverage

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Things To Know Before Taking Out A Personal Loan

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Of course, as with any other…




I love my husband but honestly sometimes he makes me nuts! I know I do the same to him sometimes but this is my blog so here's my side-
He really didn't have experience with kids before we had our own. I cut him a lot of slack when Lilly was born for that reason. I did a lot on my own at first without complaining. After a while I would get aggrevated with him claiming ignorance with something. I felt at some point he would figure things out- he's her father. Well it took a lot longer than I expected and even now he still does things with her that make me look twice.
Well when Tucker was born he still claimed to not know how to do things. I told him, "You only get to play dumb with the first baby." It makes me nuts that Lilly is 2 and he still doesn't know how to install the car seats. He just seems fine with letting me take care of everything.
Don't get me wrong- he does do things but just doesn't seem to understand the concept of 50/50. He doesn't seem to know how to take care of Tucker. It makes it worse that Tucker is a Mommy's boy so Daddy sometimes acts like Tucker doesn't like him.
UGH! I know it'll get better as Tucker gets older but this stage (with my husband- not my kids) is a drag!

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