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10 Ways to Spend More Time in Nature

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Adorable flower girl dresses to choose from

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The tradition…

Life would be such a disappointment if it always stayed the same. It's very comforting to know that life is always evolving, changing, and taking me by surprise. Yes, there are those things that stay constant; God's love, my morning coffee, and that fact that I'll always be a klutz. But most everything else could change at any given moment. I want to remember what this season looks like and so I'm going to start an "In the Moment" series. It's actually just a way of being able to post random facts about my life, that don't really have a home... and have it sound chic.
So here are a few of my, "In the Moment", moments.
* I have been seeing numbers consecutively and it's starting to freak me out... 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44. Sometimes I will do it every hour, three hours in a row. What the heck? At the wedding I shot on Friday I pulled my phone out to check the time and it said 11:11. I think I have a problem. Does this happen to anyone else?
* I am addicted to diet coke. It's terrible for me. I know this. The chemicals, the addictive properties, the fact that it hinders me from drinking what my body really needs; water. But I can't stop the madness.

* Socks do not belong on sleeping feet. Did that sound confusing? What I meant was I won't wear socks to bed. To a nap maybe, but never at night.  Claustrophobia will eventually attack my feet and I will wake up in a fury trying to rip them off. 
*  One time Erik fell asleep with his fingers in my tangled hair. He decided to turn over and take me with him. I screamed loudly and then slugged him. We are adventurous even when we are unconscious.
*  Matt's quote of the week:
He was picking his nose and Erik gave him the "You shouldn't be doing that!", glare. He asked, "Did you get it buddy?"
Matt's reply, "I couldn't, it's a fast one." Hahaha
*  The night after I do a wedding, I dream wedding. All. Night. Long. Erik said the other night I woke him up because I was talking in my sleep. Something about how all the groomsman were not standing in the right order.
*  Jalapeño string cheese! When you go to reach for your afternoon snack and you think to yourself, "I'm so bored of this simple white stick of cheese. I wish I had a little spice in my life." Remember this very small, but very powerful piece of information. Spice it up. Get crazy. Have two! 3:00 will never be the same!
* I like a clean house, but one odd thing about me is I don't make my bed. Something I didn't inherit from my mom, the bed-making queen! I will make it if it's your first time to my house, but that's all you get. Remember it how it was because you will never see it like that again, unless you happen to be over when another newcomer is visiting.

*  What is it about us parents and wanting our kids to have the same childhood experiences we did. Lucky Charms has to be one of the worst cereals in a, "start your kids out on the right foot, with good brain food," kinda way. But, we have to let them indulge in the delight of the charms, we have to let them taste the rainbow (oops, Skittles reference!); they are magically delicious after all. While the kids were sugaring up one early morning, Erik and I were reminiscing of the days when we would eat all the marshmallows first and then the rest just tasted like sugared cardboard. Ella pipes up, " You mean they had Lucky Charms all the way back then?" 

Oh my goodness, nothing like making you feel real old, real quick. "Yes dear, all the way back then!"
*  With all the advanced technology we have, why is there still a delay when two news reporters are talking to each other? Just sayin'.
*  This girl needs a vacation. I mean, like, really needs a vacation. With that said, I will never vacation here. Are you kidding me, sleep underwater? I love that God made all the fish an incredible home, but there is a reason he didn't give me the ability to breath underwater. I will let them enjoy their home in peace and quiet and will find myself a nice cabana on the beach, thank you very much! 

I talked a lot about sleeping, I think it's time for a nice bath and good night's sleep!

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