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I know there are two camps when it comes to sleeping with kids – those that don’t and those that do. When Isabella was born, I just had to have her near me at all times. She was so cute – I couldn’t possibly put her in her crib in the next room. So I started by moving the pack and play into our bedroom and then she gradually just moved into our bed – for the better part of 3 years.

When Gabby was born, I swore I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes. I sort of did better – we just had the crib in our room from day one and would only let her into the bed when we absolutely had no other choice – or Isabella was already there and we had no room. But she transitioned really well to a bed at about 2 1/2 and really didn’t have much desire to be sleeping in our bed.

Isabella on the other hand has to have human contact or she really has a hard time sleeping. It is the same routine every night, after we or she reads a book, she asks one of us to lay down with her, “just for a minute” as she likes to say. She clenches our hand and hangs on till she falls asleep or we slip away without it bothering her. Then once she falls asleep, give it a few hours and then she makes her way to our bed.

By then I have usually made my way to the “white” room with Gabs – who now, out of nowhere is wanting to sleep with one of us. So Isabella ends up in my spot, I end up with Gabby or maybe Keith ends up with Gabby – you get the picture – musical beds.

But the last few nights they have wanted to fall asleep together. This may be the solution to us all sleeping well and in the same bed that we started in. I think I’ll leave them be tonight and see how it goes.

Musical beds will probably be short lived – but I wouldn’t change a thing – these two are just so endearing! The bags under my eyes would be there anyway (hereditary!) now they are just a little deeper!

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