Anyone who’s married knows it’s possible to love someone and hate them at the same time. Angelina has that effect on you. You admire her altruistic urge to share her millions with underprivileged kids (well, three to be exact) yet you can’t help but hate her smug pneumatic pout. “Look at me,” she screams from the front pages of the gossip magz, “I’m so great, Brad thinks I’m so great - and I care, too.” But the thing that puzzles you, is just how does the six-kids-high-octane-movie-career thing work? Even if you have an army of nannies, cooks and cleaners, kids still want their mum. No one’s suggesting she shouldn’t have a career and all that but how does she keep track of who needs their MMR booster and who’s looking a bit peaky today and who seems to be having trouble making friends? You’ve only got two to monitor and just keeping track of whose bowels are playing up or which kid seems a bit quiet and might just be coming down with something is more than enough to keep your tiny brain busy. And you’re not even a multi-million pound movie star. So how does she do it? With six kids, when one wakes in the night, do three, or even the whole six wake up, too? Gotta be a bit of a strain. Impossible, some might say. But some might also say, in an uncharitable moment, just what has she done and did she think it all out first? One thing you’re sure of is being a mother to six children is a huge and daunting task and one you’re not planning on attempting.

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Comment by Siobhan Kalli on June 2, 2009 at 3:32pm
Yeah, and the millions.

Comment by Tanya @jobtitlemom on June 2, 2009 at 1:53pm
Happy with my two kids. It's hard enough with just the two. Only dream of having more or adopting and have nannies etc in place. Only dream being the key term here. I would love the career bit though and nannies.

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