I am about nine days late on the whole new years resolution thing, but better late than never I soppose. Hopefully by posting this, I will stay true to my goals for once...


1. Be more finacially stable...

I say this because my husband and I have been building our credit since we got married and we have tried to hurry the process to the point where we have almost hurt ourselves more than helped. It also has not helped that my husband got hurt at work and was off for six weeks, followed by being off work for jury duty. So this year we have both decided to get things paid off and a little savings put away for the unexpected... 


2. Buy a Home...

Like goal 1, we have been working for this for three years now and I don't want to put it off any longer... so AFTER goal 1 is accomplished then we will buy a home.


3. Recycle furniture

I definitely want to hit up yardsales, family members, neighbors, and flea markets to find furniture that I can make new again. This is one of my favorite things to do and a way to save cash when decorating an entire house... I am so excited..


4. Take Draven To The Zoo!

Even though I find Zoos to be cruel in a way.. I mean I know the animals are well taken care of and all that but I hate to see animals in a cage.. anyways, I want to take Draven to the zoo because he loves animals and I know he would have a blast!!


5. Lose Atleast 50 more lbs!

I have lost 55 so far and I need to lose another 55 to be at my goal weight and I am hoping I can accomplish this by the end of the year. I want to make sure I am healthy for myself, my son, and my husband. Draven is a very active little boy and this momma has got to keep up!!!


6. Enjoy the time I have with my son and the rest of my family... I want to stop worrying about every detail and focus more on fun things!


7. Be the best Momma I can be and support Draven with whatever new activity he wants to do. I want to help Draven discover his creativity and encourage him to have a big imagination.



I know that I can do everything on my list for 2012, if I try. All in all, these 7 goals are not that difficult... Atleast that is what I keep telling myself... Hope everyone can succeed this year on their new year goals!!!

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