I want to start by saying that I was not asked or paid to post this.  I have never posted a review before, and I am not sure this constitutes as a review so much as a an applause for some of the best customer service I have ever received.


Let me also say that having worked in customer service for many years, and having gone through extensive customer service training, including multiple classes, I am big on the service I receive and I do not hesitate to call or write to managers when I have receive either exceptionally good or bad service.


That said, I have used Thirsties diaper covers ever since Robi was born.  I made the choice to cloth diaper even before I conceived - mainly due to the economic situation here.  I was blown away by how easy they were to use, and I particularly liked the fact that the DUO wraps only come in 2 sizes so you don't have to buy an unnecessary amount of wraps.  It's great.


I was having trouble with one wrap, however.  The velcro had begun to deteriorate.  I had heard that Thirsties would send out new velcro if the wrap had been purchased more than a year before.  So, I wrote them about the problem and they promised to send me new velcro tabs.  Well, after sending them my address (which is overseas, of course) the lady kindly explained that they could not send tabs overseas, so she would send a whole new cover!

Needless to say I was blown away.  Furthermore, since I live overseas they are unable to send an envelope for me to send the damaged one back.  So, she encouraged me to donate it or use it as I saw fit.


I am so blown away by the tremendous customer service I have received from this company, I felt compelled to share it with all of my mommy-friends.  If you are looking for great covers from a company that offers exceptional service look no further.  They go way out of their way and far beyond the call of duty to help.


By the way, my stash consists of:


40 flats (1 prefold)

about 15-20 hand made flannel inserts (not pretty, but useful)

5 size one Thiristies duo covers

3 wool covers made by a Croatian work-at-home friend

2 Bummies Super Bright wraps - size large

1 Bummies Super Whisper wrap - size medium

1 Thirsties duo cover size 2

(am currently "watching" one more Thirsties duo cover on eBay for .99!!! Score!)

And a box of mixed homemade flannel wipes and old baby wash cloths


I love the idea of flats/prefolds with covers because it saves on laundry.  You can reuse the covers all day long if they are not soiled.  If they are, throw them in the wash and by the next day they are dry.  With wool covers there is very little maintainence as well, a good lanolizing once a month will keep them going for a good long time.


Thank you for sharing...

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