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My Top Ten 2011 Snowcation Revelations

Since so many people were stuck at home, I thought I better take advantage of this captured audience! Its been an interesting week to say the least.

10. It’s hard to build a snow man with ice.- Day 1 the plan was to go outside with the girls and play in the snow, build a snowman and make snow angels. It hurt like hell to break through the ice to get to the snow. The snowman didn’t happen. Just a few snowball fights and then back into the house to thaw out. My fingers were burning!

9. Stay-at Home Moms should get vacation weeks, this is work in case you didn’t know.- I layed low this week. Normally I organize all activites, always keeping the girls busy whether its visiting places, reading, and playing games. This week, they watched so much TV, Haven had a lineup by Wednesday. People assume that because housewives don’t go to work, that what we do isn’t work. Guess what…. hell yeah it is and we don’t get to clock out either, its 24/7. Now if you have young children, it’s even more exhausting. So this week, I had to decompress and take advantage of not having to be anywhere. Even Dave Ramsey says that if a spouse is a stay-at-home parent then you should at least have $40,000 in life insurance on that parent. God forbid you should ever have to make that claim.

8. The girls like hanging out with Daddy more than me.- Since I’ve implemented the “figure it out yourself “rule that I wrote about earlier this week, the girls have seem to gravitate toward Daddy now. I’m a firm believer of you teach people how to treat you, kids included. Here’s the thing….I’m OK with it.

7. I should adjust my expectations for myself.- my SuperMom cape is getting very heavy, but the irony is that I hold myself to these crazy expectations and then I become Super Crazy Lady Mommy.

6. Prayer works but so does FB and Twitter.- H2Whoa! is my third baby, so it’s included in my prayer life right along with the hubby and kids. You want to talk about immediate gratification, I can go right to Facebook and Twitter and promote my blog and get instant results! This week, I was on FB and Twitter like I was on the payroll. I can honestly say I’m up here for work people., but its my water cooler talk as well…wink wink

5. I hate being cold.- I don’t feel like have to elaborate on this…..

4. Even if you don’t go anywhere, deodorant is important.- Although I’ve cooped up in the house for 5 days, I’ve been taking showers. Showers are my therapy, it feels good, relaxes me and then I slide into a fresh set of PJs or sweats. But one day, I think it was Wednesday…OMG….nuff said.

3. I enjoyed being part of Vince Chase’s entourage for 2 days.. (yep watched season 2 and 3 straight through) -When Entourage premiered in 2004 I was living in NYC. Eric and I had one TV and we agreed to take turns on Sunday evenings. I watched Sex and the City and he watched…I don’t even remember, but Entourage came on after Sex and the City. Well thank the Lord for On Demand because 7 years later, I’m slowly catching up to the current season.

2. I love that Eric loves to cook, because I don’t…. –OK really I don’t like cooking everyday, 3 times a day. Eric has been stuck home along with us and he has relieved me of one a major duty which is cooking. HE LOVES TO COOK!! He’s been serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner which is HUGE!!! This has freed me up to work on my blog and do research. If I could just get him to clean the kitchen as he cooks, but hey, you can’t have everything…

1. I have so much love and support from my readers. – Over this snowcation, I have been analyzing my stats for the blog, and my audience is getting bigger and bigger so thank you!!! Thank you for your comments, tweets, and shares. I CANNOT do this without you. I need to make money off of this so that I can at least pay for the therapy my girls will need after they read these stories when they’re older….no seriously!

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