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Naya Clinics Help Women Suffering From Mental Health Disorders

During a time when depression diagnosis are rising, mental health clinics are becoming increasingly popular and in- demand. As the stigma of mental health is destroyed in the United Sates and global culture, more and more women are reaching out for help with their mental health. Sam Nabil of Naya Clinics is one of the pioneers in the women’s mental health field, offering counseling services both in- person and online to women who are battling mental illness.

“With all due respect, CBT is dead,” Sam is frequently known to quote when discussing his specific treatment plan. CBT refers to the most used treatment plan for mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy, which includes the use of talk- therapy to solve challenges. “I created a new form of therapy, Positive Existential Therapy (PET), an innovative and avant-garde counseling approach that targets client challenges that no longer respond to outdated counseling techniques, like cognitive behavioral therapy,” Sam said when asked about why his therapy is particularly different, “and we apply my treatment to relationship and/or marriage counseling, one-on-one therapy, life skill coaching, and more.”

Just days ago, the American College of Physicians published a paper urging health policy decisions for women to be reviewed and made more supportive of women, most notably those policies that focus on maternal health and those that help support women who were or are victims of sexual violence or domestic abuse. Sam agrees that this is a big step in changing the climate of healthcare for women, both those who are mothers and those who are not mothers, and that his practice already does that for mental health related concerns. When I asked him about the idea that doctors are diagnosing women with mental health issues when their issue could be deeper than that, such as a brain tumor being diagnosed as a mental health disorder, his face changed into that of frustration. “I’m aware of that, unfortunately. It is common but I appreciate that the ACP spoke out against those types of practices, doctors, and policy decisions. Supporting women in all aspects of their health is a must. That’s what all of my therapists are trained to do. If they notice that a woman may be suffering from further health complications unrelated to her mental health crises or disorder, they would refer her to a doctor that specializes in whatever that concern may be.”

When I ask Sam how to help prevent mental illness amongst all people, he agreed that mental health days are necessary to free our brains- and ourselves, in general, from stress. “Professionals agree that taking time off to relax and recharge is beneficial and not negative, as presumed,” Sam commented, reflecting back on those clichés about mental health. Furthermore, mental health illnesses are not cureable. “Our approach is to decrease symptoms so that those who suffer can suffer less frequently and learn how to live with their illness, even when it is under control.”

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