Okay, so you know how I posted a button, and linked back to the tutorial where I got it?  Yeah, turns out that my button didn't actually work. It probably was something I did wrong, not the tutorial. 

Well this morning a lovely lady, Kristy, from The Bonjour Family, gave me a link to her tutorial on how to make a button with a grab code.  I followed her simple and easy tutorial, (still had to tweak it a little) and I got it to work.  So now I have a new and working button, and a grab code that works too! Yay Kristy!.


Things I had to tweak-

Kristy's tutorial said
"Note: You can also add a photo or an illustration to your button if you want a little more detail. Once you select a photo or image, place it in the box, and then play around with the words and the image until you like the way it looks. Once you are finished and like the way your button looks, save it as a .gif image. This is a very important step, because if you save it as a jpeg, it won't work."
"2. Go back to Photobucket or Flickr {wherever you uploaded your button image} to get the direct link to your image."

I tried saving it as a .gif image, uploading it to photobucket ad using the direct link code to make the button but it didn't work that way for me. So I went ahead and used the image as a jpeg when I uploaded it to photobucket. Also, I used the html code instead of the direct link code that is provided by photobucket.  That's it. The code she gives and the directions to insert the url's of the blog address and pictures are so easy to follow.   
If you use her tutorial be sure to leave her some blog love in her comment section!



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