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Mother of the Bride Guide

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How to Through A Larger Than Life Small Wedding on a Budget

This one is as simple as crowdfunding your honeymoon. It might sound strange at first, but do you really need another blender or set of dinner plates? Instead of having your guests purchase a bunch of things you’ll end up trying to return anyway, why not let them chip in for…

I am a firm supporter of Mompreneurs! When shopping online for things, I always try to find a mom who has what I'm looking for whether it be Ebay, Etsy, or their own personal website. I want to do my part because I feel as mommies we should stick together and help each other make it work for our individual families. In essence, we are a union.

I'm sooo jealous of you Mompreneurs. I want to be like y'all!
For New Years I didn't make a resolution, but rather, I made a request of myself. I asked myself to make a tremendous effort this year to get closer to staying at home with DS. As much as I do love my job, there isn't an opportunity (in the current position I'm in) to do it from home. As cheesy as it may sound, I miss my son sooo much while I'm at work. I know that people work in tougher situations than I'm in...but those 8 hour work days at up. I've been working since he was 6 weeks old and I haven't stopped. I feel like I've missed so much! Having that said, I'd been thinking of things I could do. My mommy gene hasn't kicked in yet, so I haven't figured out how to use my sewing machine, I haven't figured out how to make pretty scrapbooks, and I haven't figured out how to make one outstanding looking home. So that kind of scraped all of those options. What to do?
I finally came across a long standing company: Mary Kay. I'm sure all of you know of it and either know or known someone who's sold it. After looking over their products and their webpage, I saw they have a Beauty On A Budget campaign. It was like that spoke to me. You know I talk and talk about saving money. What would be better than selling a high quality product at budget wise prices? Totally excited about it, I spoke to a director about it and it seemed like a good fit for me. Especially right now, since I still do have to work until I have establish enough clientele to stay home. Mary Kay offers online ordering which I think is awesome.

I'm excited I have taken a step in the right direction. Like I said, I think this will be a good fit for me so we'll see how it goes. I would sincerely appreciate the word passed around so I can get this baby off the ground for the greater good (staying home with DS).

If you would be interested in looking at the extensive line of Mary Kay Products and to look over the Beauty on a Budget, please click here or click on the link in the left column underneath my followers! For an added bonus, all shipping (no matter the total) will be free.

Thank you for your support and reading my rant! :)

Please remember you can follow my blog at If you help me out and follow me, I'll help you out and follow you! Thanks for reading!

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