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What do you remember the most about your summer break? Was it playing outdoors with friends or was it a book that fascinated and captured your attention though the long afternoon. Well, nowadays kids just browse, play games online and then share it with their friends on Facebook and Instagram. Boy, have the times changed. To understand their world, you must try and understand these new digital toy trends.

So here are a few toys that use some awesome technology

Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

Barbie Digital Vanity

Little girls love trying mommy’s makeup! And as a mommy there is no escape from the mess. That was until Mattel made the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror. Mattel has transformed the traditional make-up play with a mess-free augmented reality play.

How does it work?
The toy combines an iPad and a vanity mirror that uses Augmented Reality technology. Girls can try on different lip sticks, eye shadows and glitter. Imagine it to be as make-up going digital! Hold the magic wand, dip into the pretend make-up dish and see it appear on the face. If girls do not like a particular look they can easily wipe that off and start all over again. The app also allows girls to save the look they like best on the digital scrapbook or share it with friends on Facebook.
What I really like is that besides augmented reality the app uses facial recognition technology to keep the make-up in place.

The app can be used without the vanity mirror, but the dazzling pink frame and white lights are difficult to resist.



Observing the trend of traditional board games getting replaced by electronic toys, a startup company Game Technologies Inc. came up with a revolutionary product called Dice+

How is it different from the traditional dice?
Dice+ is an electronic dice with a traditional dice feel. Each face of the dice has a separate number, which remains invisible until illuminated by an LED. The dice is compatible with any smart phone and tablet. The dice uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your smart device. It has a non-abrasive case which does not harm the screen of your tablet. The dice works with the help of a built in rechargeable battery which lasts for upto 20 hours of continuous play.

The designers have taken the technology to the next level with multiple features but the best being the Dice+ time. You can set a time limit in which to complete a task in a game, the dice acts as a timer and a red light indicates the end of the set time.
Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity is Disney’s attempt to fuse physical toys with the digital world. Disney Infinity brings the world of Disney toys to life. When you attach a physical Disney character figurine to the Base it comes to life and appears on the screen. The characters can then be controlled by the player.

How is it unique?
Disney Infinity adds life to their toys with a whole new magical gaming experience. With Disney Infinity, Disney’s characters can exist and interact in one game across Windows PC, Playstation 3, Wii, Wii U and Xbox 360 versions as well as on tablets and mobile phones. Disney is planning the launch of Disney Infinity by allowing kids to merge the worlds of Monster’s University, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Incredibles. Kids are very familiar with these characters and will experience a different gaming experience as they come to life with unique characteristics and customization.

What’s really awesome is the “Toy Box” mode that takes technology to the next level. This mode is not just a game but a new universe for kids. It allows users to combine the worlds of different Disney characters and create their own games and adventures. Kids can use their imagination and creativity to mix and match their Disney characters in one game. Disney Infinity games are set for release in June 2013. To my mind the openness of the Toy box and quality of the Physical figurines will make it a big success.

We can’t wait to get our hands on these technologically advanced toys. Which is your favorite digital toy?

About The Authors

Richa Dikshit runs the YouTube channel of Toy Tasting – a video channel about toys.

Chaiti Jain works at Yellow Giraffe - an online store dedicated to toys for 0-5 years.

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