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New Year's Resolution: How Goes Your Diet?

By Kristin Fast, Lifestyle Editor and In-House Wit-Cracker

It’s January 25, do you know where your resolution is?

Mine is happening right now as my little fingers fly (poke) over the keyboard of my hand-me-down laptop; Resolution 2012, more writing.

Only took 25 days to get crackin’.

Do you know that almost half of all Americans make a New Year’s Resolution and by June, more than half of those folks are still sticking with it?

Astounding and Huzzah!

The magic seems to be to not make goals along the lines of: I will lose 25 pounds by February 1 or I will never drink again, but rather to approach the clean slate of a new calendar year with more open possibilities such as, I will move more over the next 12 months or, cocktails are a weekend treat… see the difference? The more rigid and extreme, the greater the chance for failure.

Which is why, on the last day of 2011, I decided to forgo my usual blather about trekking Machu Pichu and simply aim to do more of the one thing that I actually want to do more of: write.

I need to write because of what is happening Chez Fast. The oldest child is a freshman in high school, the middle child is in the 8th grade and the youngest is in 2nd but let’s be honest, she is really more of a short adult than actual child so the bottom line is all of my wee babies are so not wee babies and I have been actively mourning the loss of their non-baby status for close to five months to the point where I have been banned from even looking at any pre-2010 photos because my maudlin state makes me weepy and then dinner is late…

And where I am going with this you ask? I am going straight into needing some documentation of my busy life which goes by much too quickly and I need to set things down so when I am an old woman I can look back and remember these precious, precious days before my kids had the nerve to grow up and get their own lives.

That is actually another little know trick of resolution success: mania.

I am asking you all for help. Help me stay focused. Once a month I will be here, Succulent-ing for your pleasure, but give me feedback and let me know what you want to hear about… for example, who among you needs tips when dealing with a first year high schooler with a senior girlfriend? I can help!

I would love to know how you are doing on your goals for 2012. Have you stuck with them or perhaps revised them? And more importantly, what motivated you and can we help you?

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