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This is how I know my Mother reads my blog:
Last month I wrote about our inability to remember the content that we binge - especially books. Last week she sent me a link about how to fix that.

Thanks, Mom!

The answer is deceptively simple because it suggests you to take breaks and reflect upon what you've just read. That's it. Just read; pause; think; repeat.

There are other tips as well, like reading while we are rested and taking notes, but the main tip is still the easiest to implement. If you are going to read, take moments to think about what you are reading.

While that is good to know, I wonder how I can help my son build this habit into his reading time, without me asking him a ton of questions and interrupting him as he devours another book. Ideally, he will eventually be able to do this for himself, but I have to start somewhere.

So I made a list:
  • Modeling good behavior. I'm going to let him see me thinking over what I just read when we read together. (Parents love to model good behavior, so this should be easy.)
  • Check in on him when he reads with one of those lists of questions that makes me feel like I am giving him a reading assignment. (What's the main character doing that you like? How would you change the story? What is the best moment so far?)
  • Keep him focused on one thing at a time. We don't read while we do any other visual activities. We even have a special reading spot and cozy blanket to keep ourselves calm and quiet. I just have to keep in mind that this spot - while distraction free - can work too well and hours will pass before I leave it.

So, I will try these tricks and see which ones I can get my son to adopt. After all, parents have such little free time for things like reading - shouldn't we remember what the point of the story was?

What are your tips for better reading comprehension? Share them in the comments where I will read and reflect upon them. 

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