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Nudging For Kids - graphics can help deliver instrcutions better and impact on long lasting habits

Hello Moms,

My child wakes up in the morning, I hug him and kiss him But then what....

Loads of instructions will start from morning till he goes to bed.

Of course they are to guide him, motivate him, direct him But some instructions are repeated day in and out, persistent.

I have a friend who is obsessed with sustainable issues that she is every minute directing, redirecting or persistently repeating her instructions. With 3 kids Imagine what rate of  delegation is happening at home.

Another friend got so frustrated of hearing herself repeat that she started doing it herself without even realizing it while talking on and on.

Sound brutal! But familiar, a scene in most of our homes.

Every morning I ask myself, what am i doing, do I actually need to, can things CHANGE/be different.

I am a graphic behavioral designer but most important I am mom, my emotional values are at high risk than anything. What is it that I doing can be different?

I know that with these persistent instructions, I am establishing a code of conduct, descipline but loosing my communicative and interactivity with my child.

I am robbing him of his natural instinct to follow, learn, do, take up a challenge, remember to conduct a task. The emotional processing is being hampered by me- a mom as a parent.

But its not only my child is given all this loads of daily instructions but the study shows that  85% parents are constantly dieting or in look out to deliver.

Every parent may boast or think hmmm we are doing great, he follows and so what if he forgets I will guide him. What are we parents for.

But wait!!!!!

Read more in my next post and soon see visuals to use in your homes.

Write to me about daily problems you are having, NFK will help resolve it.

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